The President Has a Clear Cut Plan for Nuclear Weapons

There has always been, since the creation of nuclear weapons, the concern that the world would have to go through nuclear war. An even greater concern is that one individual has the power to start one without the backing of their own governmental body.

The President of the United States has the authority to protect the nation in the event it is threatened. He has the power to order the launch of nuclear weapons without the need to consult other governmental bodies.

How the Process Works to Launch Nuclear Weapons Around the World

The threat of nuclear attack is ever present. One rouge person seeking to terrorize people can usually devise a way to set one off if they have the right material.

The United States has people that actively protect the nations people from this kind of attack. But when nations go to war it is a different story.

There really is no button that the President pushes to launch the warheads. There is no button mounted on the wall of the Oval Office that allows him to push it at any time.

There are steps that he must go through in order launch the weapons.

There would have to be a threat of nuclear attack for the President to even consider authorizing such a move.

The information would come from the nuclear command center directly to the President. At this point the President would have to order the use of nuclear weapons. The decision to attack could be to stop an impending threat or to keep one from materializing.

President Trump then would need to consult with his advisers that his decision is the right course of action. If after consultation the President believes there is enough proof that a strike is needed, he then issues the command to take place.

At this point, one of his advisers presents a card with a code on it to verify the strike. This code is used later.

The President will have to get in communication with his command center and verbalize the command to launch.

He also needs to communicate with the Pentagon. The President carries a card that is called the “biscuit.” This card has the matching letters of a code that is used to identify his identity.

This code is unique enough to be proof enough that the command is authentic. At this stage of the command he has to strategize his attack plan.

The President has to determine which warheads to use and where to have them sent. There are land based warheads and there are submarine held warheads that he can use.

Once the command has been verified and the decision is made as to which warheads to use and where to send them, the command center takes over. 15 minutes is all that is needed to start the process and to finish firing the warheads.

Strategic command has a process that they must go through in order to carry out the directive.

The commander of the facility gives the order to launch. At this moment five keys are inserted into the launch control device. Only two are needed to be turned at the same time to launch the weapons.
Once the warheads are launched there is no way to call them back or shut them down.

Much of the system that the United States has in place today to launch nuclear weapons has been around since the Cold War.

A rapid response time was needed in case the then Soviets launched their warheads.

The threat of nuclear attack or war is still a possible reality today. With the fallout of the U.S.S.R into several countries those nuclear weapons have changed hands. Monitoring and control of the weapons is challenging at best.

All it would take is for a lone person to acquire a small amount of nuclear material and set it off in a city to invoke a nuclear war.

Supposing that the conditions were right for such an event to take place. The President of the United States needs to have complete control over the use of these kinds of weapons.

Just having this kind of power has been enough to keep other countries from attacking the United States with the same type of weapons.


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