Exciting Updates on Trump’s Space Force

There is nothing more important to the President that the people of this country.

Every thing that he has done to help this country great again has been to see that happen.

With all the focus going towards making the country great, it can become easy to forget about threats from outer space.

Threats from outer space can include solar flares and asteroids striking the earth.

There is not much that can be done about solar flares, but there can be things done to prevent asteroids from striking the world and the country.

Priority of Defending the World from Stellar Objects

The means to defend or shield the world from stellar objects takes some imagination.

The President of the United States has the vision of a Space Force that is designed to defend the earth from threats above.

On March 13, 2018, the President spoke to a station go Marines in the San Diego area and talked about this very subject.

The role that a Space Force program would play in defending the planet could be the very thing that is needed to unify people around the country.

Currently the world is being monitored by several agency around the world for potential threats from space.

There is not anything as yet that is in place that can combat anything found coming at us from space.

NASA and in connection with other agencies have delivered what the country can do to safeguard the planet.

The plan is officially called “The National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy and Action Plan.”

It is a strategy that is well-thought-out that would involve work from all agencies around the government. This plan has the potential of uniting the country from leaders on both sides.

President Trumps plan to build Space Force is part of this plan to help defend the world.

The project, like many of President Trump’s plans, brings people together in a way that is beneficial to all.

Space Force will require work from all agencies and people to see it come together.

There would need to be a clear path of completion for this to work across to many agencies.

There is a lot that the President is good at, and one of those things is seeing complicated projects through to completion.

The military would have to play a key role in the development of Space Force.

One department that would be a natural fit would be the Air Force. This part of the military currently operates programs directed to space in an attempt to identify objects that are a threat to earth.

NASA currently has three ideas that could be used to protect the planet.

The first is call a “gravity tractor.” This method puts a space vehicle around the asteroid and uses gravity to move the object onto another plane of travel away from the earth. The second method is called the “kinetic impactor.”

This method uses impacting the object to get it to turn. The final option is a “nuclear strike.”

This uses nuclear weapons to destroy or move the object. NASA estimates that it could take 10 years to see one of these options become a reality.

Space Force would become the sixth branch of the military.

Congressional approval would be needed to see this come to a reality. They would also have to oversee the project and oversee the operation of the program.

NASA has proposed a $150 million budget to help defend the planet. It also would enable NASA to launch a program with the aim of visiting stellar objects and work on each method of protecting the planet.

President Trump is committed to protecting the United States and the world.

He has the goal to see that the American people have the protection they need from foreign threats as well as those from space. He is in full support of seeing this kind of program come into reality.

The rest of Congress and the House of Representatives would need to come together by setting aside seeking personal credit for such a project and work together for the common good of the nation and planet.

America in cooperation with the rest of the space community can find a way to protect the world.


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