The President and the Tariff War

President Trump is a person that is not likely to back down when he believes a certain action is the best one to take.

He is also a person that does what he says he is going to do. The main theme of his campaign was to make the country great again.

He certainly has delivered on that promise.

One of the ways that he has delivered on this promise is to even the playing field when it comes to trading with other nations.

The President has played the tariff card several times in the first two years and here is where it has helped America.

The Tariff and the President

President Trump is not afraid to use tariffs to even the trading field.

Of all the nations that President Trump has had to deal with there is one that has been a challenge. China is a country that has been growing in strength and power for many years.

Over the past few years there has been a trade war that has developed between America and China.

President Trump has placed tariffs on China to ensure that the Country lives up to their end of the deals they have made with the United States.

After nine months the figures stands at $250 billion worth of Chinese goods are coming into the country and the United States has $110 billion of imports bring hit with punitive duties.

To help in understand what all of this means is that the United States has put 10 to 25 percent tariffs on their imports. China can only do that on the $110 billion verses the $250 billion.

The tariffs are the means that the President is using to level the playing field. It keeps China’s feet to the fire to enable them to live up to the deals they have made with the United States.

The President is trying to get China to commit to making changes in its trading practices.

He is trying to get them to change its economic policies, dealing fairer in the intellectual property realm, getting them to stop forcing transfers of foreign technology, opening up their markets, and opening up agricultural aspects.

One problem that the President is having to deal with is enforcing China to live up to their agreements.

The tariffs imposed by the President has given America the leverage it needs to enact punishments when needed.

China has resisted these kinds of actions in the past but long term implementation will eventually win out.

President Trump has stated that China, “has a lot of problems living by certain deals, and we have to make sure.”

The President has spoken out that there are more tariffs coming if China back down from their deals. Instead of facing more tariffs, China has made progress in the negotiations.

Enforcement of the deal seems to be a big issue for both sides of the conversation.

One thing that concerned the Trump administration was that China was beginning to back away from their promises regarding certain agreements that they have made to the United States.

They were concerned that America would not lift the tariffs once the agreement was finished.

Trump maintains that the China is going to be the one to pay for it all once it is all said and done.

Since President Trump has taken office, he has delivered on everyone of his promises.

He has even balanced the means of delivering the promises with giving the opposition something to meet their concerns. He has opened new areas of land for natural resource production while at the same time protecting other acres of American soil.

If there is one thing that China can count on concerning President Trump, is that he is a man of his word.

They can know for certain that what he says will happen will take place. If they meet up to their end of the deal, then the tariffs will be lifted.

President Trump has been fair to the American people and it stands to reason that he will be fair to the rest of the nations trading partners.


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