Home Invasion Gone Wrong

There once was a time everyone was safe in their own homes.

The only way to remain safe inside the safe haven everyone calls home is to keep a gun handy at all times.

Even then, it does not mean an attack will not happen. Those with sense know it can happen and to always be prepared.

On the southwest side of Houston, a few weeks ago, this is what happened as a home invasion went wrong for one of three suspects who is now dead.

Three armed suspects were waiting outside a home while hiding in the bushes for the 39-year-old father to come home so they could enter.

As soon as the man entered the home, one of the suspects hit the father behind his head with the butt of a pistol.

They began destroying everything inside the home while the two daughters hid inside a closet.

One of the daughters was able to pull the panic alarm to alert police as the home invasion went on.

The two girls were 21 and 15 years old and remained quiet until the suspects found them.

The mother arrived at the home with her two sons when the 20-year-old realized something was not right with what he was seeing.

He ran inside and got his gun and opened fire on the three suspects hitting one of them in the head as they found his sisters in the closet.

The other two suspects fled the scene as they jumped on the hood of the car the mother and child were in and stole the father’s silver Toyota Sienna minivan.

The Texas license plates are “DGL-3948.” The mother then drove to a nearby Whataburger where a police officer was parked and alerted him of what was happening.
Police confirmed the men that entered were armed but did not fire any shots.

The six family members who resided in the home were not seriously injured, but the father was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation for minor injuries from being pistol whipped.

One of the neighbors came inside the home after the shots ended and did CPR on the injured suspect to no avail.

The suspect died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

One of the residences in the neighborhood stated they lived there for 33 years, and they never had anything happen like that before, and they hope to never see or hear anything like that again.

Another neighbor, Pam Stanley, and her husband stated, “There were five, then a short break.

Then another five, a slightly longer break, then a single shot.”
No charges were filed against the son who fired the pistol killing one of the suspects.

As far as we know, the other two suspects are still at large, and they have not found the home owner’s minivan.

The only description was all the suspects involved were wearing black.

Let us imagine if things were different even though everything turned out okay in the good guy’s favor.

Suppose there was no gun in the house for the son to find an end a horrific situation.

First off, police stated the three men were armed when they entered the home. Lucky all that happened to the father was he was hit in the back of the head and wasn’t shot or killed by one of the suspects.

Then they tore the place apart looking for jewelry or anything of value which was not clarified. The two girls in the closet could have been raped, killed or abducted.

The timing was perfect for the mother to drive up with her son who ended the horror scene. But what if he did not have a gun or was not trained to use it?

The son would have entered with nothing to defend himself or his family and possibly would have gotten severely injured or killed.

The point is, nothing or no one would have been there to stop the suspects from completing their goal or killing them all at random during the incident.

There are thousands of stories that can be told just like this one.

The sad thing is they do not all end this way where a gun placed in the hands of a hero.

It is stories like these that show why we push so hard to keep our right to bear arms.

Without that, the alternative side of this story would have been the innocent would have been the ones injured or worse.


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