The Navy Will No Longer Punish Pilots for Reporting UFO’s!

Politico is reporting that the United States Navy is developing formal procedures for its pilots to report what it calls “unexplained aerial phenomena” or what most people refer to as “unidentified flying objects.
It seems that too many of these UAPs are intruding into military air space for comfort and the Navy would like to have a tally of sightings to keep track.

People have been seeing strange things in the sky since time immemorial.

During and after World War II those UFOs were considered by some people to be alien spacecraft. The idea is beguiling for the obvious reason that proof of intelligent aliens visiting the Earth would be the greatest development in the history of civilization.

Many military and commercial pilots tended to be reluctant to report spotting unexplained objects appearing in their flight-paths.

They feared that such a report might be a career limiting move, causing accusations of mental problems.

Even so, the military has been interested in UFOs for decades.
Project Blue Book was run by the Air Force from 1952 to 1970 to investigate sightings on the theory that if they were alien spacecraft or, more likely aircraft from a foreign power, they might prove to be a security threat.

When Blue Book wound down, the final report concluded that UFOs were not a security threat, did not provide evidence of technology in advance of the range of then modern knowledge, and was unlikely to be extraterrestrial in origin.

More recently the government, thanks to a special earmark by then Sen. Harry Reid, funded the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program was terminated in 2012 and its findings were inconclusive.

Truth to tell most UFOs wind up being easily explained. T

hey have turned out to be atmospheric phenomenon, optical illusions, other aircraft (including aerial drones) and even hoaxes. A small number of sightings remain unexplained.

Theories to explain them include secret experimental aircraft, aircraft from foreign and possibly hostile powers, particularly Russia and China, and aliens.

One argument against the UFOs being alien comes from the supposition that a civilization that is advanced enough to cross interstellar distances should be able to use stealth technology – even Star Trek-style cloaking devices – to make sure that the Earthlings do not find out that they are being visited.

Why would aliens tool around in large, flying saucers that could be easily spotted by volatile Earthlings? They would more likely send drones the size of insects to flit about, learning about Earth and the intelligent species that lives on it.
Aliens would be wary of establishing contact with societies that still have war, poverty, disease, oppression, and the progressive tax on income.

Still, a huge industry has developed upon the conspiracy theory that aliens have been visiting Earth for decades and the government knows about it and is covering it up. Didn’t something happen in Roswell, New Mexico in the late 40s? What is going on at Area 51?

Mind, the American government is inept about covering up conspiracies, from Watergate to the Obama administration’s weaponizing the IRS to attack political enemies. Someone always talks and provides proof, which is picked up by a media eager for ratings that are caused by the latest government scandal.

David Grimes of Oxford University, according to Live Science, proved with math how difficult it is to keep a conspiracy secret. He discovered that the more people who are in on it the quicker the secret will be revealed.
So, aliens are likely not visiting the Earth with the knowledge of the government and we really did go to the moon.

Even so, the secret alien conspiracy theory persists because it is fun to believe in such things.

The idea has even intruded in popular culture, with TV shows ranging from the 1960s “The Invaders” to the more modern “The X-Files” and movies such as Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

The Navy is not, of course, endorsing the idea that aliens are flying UFOs over the skies of Earth with its new reporting policy.

However, it has a right to be concerned about anything unexplained that is intruding on its air space and buzzing about its air craft.

A comprehensive inventory of sightings, including video and reports from pilots, would go a long way toward gaining insights into the UFO phenomenon.

The truth, as they say, is out there.


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