Joe Biden Stumbles Out Of the Gate

Joe Biden Stumbles Out Of the Gate

Former Vice President Joe Biden started his third presidential campaign with a bizarre YouTube video in which he basically said that it is midnight in America because of the Nazi threat led by President Trump.
But how did he do after the announcement?

Biden, according to the Washington Examiner, was confronted by a group of reporters, one of whom asked if he had a message for the world.

He responded, “Yes. America is coming back like we used to be: ethical, straight, telling the truth — supporting our allies. All those good things.”

The statement raised a few eyebrows on a couple of levels.

Some thought it too similar to President Trump’s slogan about making America great again.

More ominous was Biden’s use of the word “straight.” To be sure he likely meant the word with its traditional definition of being level and upright.

But some of his opponents, particularly Mayor Pete Buttigieg, are likely to take the other meaning, in not gay.

Chalk that up as Biden’s first gaffe of the campaign.

Next, Biden’s first formal event was a fundraiser at the lavish manor house owned by Comcast executive David Cohen in Philadelphia attended by the One Percent who are eager to see President Trump turned out of office as a traitor to his class.

Biden gave a rip-roaring speech and raised a lot of money.

The problem is that the event did not provide very good optics for a candidate who wants to champion the working people.

The spectacle is likely to be picked up by the Bolshevik wing of the Democratic Party, particularly Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warner, and perhaps Kamala Harris. Indeed, according to CNBC, Sanders and Warner have already taken umbrage at Biden’s ties with the corporate elite.

Bernie particularly bragged about his small donors.

The biggest headache Biden has developed as he stumbled out of the gate has been a decades old mess that he presided over when he was chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee when Anita Hill complained of alleged rude behavior toward her by then supreme court nominee Clarence Tomas.

Biden lost control of the hearings and, eventually, Thomas was confirmed thanks largely to suspicions at the time that Hill was part of a plot to derail a black conservative’s nomination to the court.

Biden has been partly blamed for the outcome.

Biden is reported to have called Hill, now a university professor at Brandeis University, to apologize.

Hill is said to have not accepted the apology, still no doubt seething at her humiliation so many years ago.

It got worse when Biden appeared on The View, according to Hot Air.

Placing the former vice president in close proximity to any woman, not to mention four, is pretty risky.

Still, he managed to keep his hands off. But he stumbled on the Anita Hill question put to him by Joy Behar, claiming that he had not done anything wrong.

The answer is not likely to endear him to women voters who are already leery at Biden’s handsiness.

Biden also claimed to be proud that the Obama administration was free of scandal.

Hot Air was astonished.

“–ignore Hillary’s habits of handling classified information and the IRS’s scrutiny of tea-party groups and the fiasco with VA wait times and Operation Fast & Furious, since those are evidently only things a benighted right-winger would find scandalous. Ignore too Obama’s aggrandizement of presidential power, from new undeclared wars to ‘kill lists’ to deciding after six years that he had the power to temporarily amnestize young illegals en masse after all. Those aren’t ‘scandals,’ lefties would say, they’re just part of the ongoing devolution of the federal government into an autocracy.”

Finally, Biden had to suffer the embarrassment of having his old boss, former President Barack Obama, decline to endorse him.

The candidate claimed that he had asked Obama not to endorse him, the theory being that he wanted to win the nomination on his own merits.

No one believes this excuse. More likely Obama, who is if anything a canny politician, was disinclined to risk his legacy, such as it is, with tying it to a two-time loser.

Besides, Obama knows how Biden performs and does not like it one bit.

All in all, the third run for the presidency of Joe Biden, champion of the working people, is off to an entertaining start.


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