Formal Request issued to IRS for Trump’s Taxes – It’s Getting Serious!

Formal Request issued to IRS for Trump’s Taxes – It’s Getting Serious!

Brennan Center’s Rudy Mehrbani has stated that the United States Congress has the authority to get the President’s tax returns.

Such statements have fueled the debate between the Democratic Party and the President.

The House Ways and Means committee has issued a formal request to the IRS to release the tax returns of President Trump.

The President is the first president is a long time to not allow the release of his private tax returns.

Since the days of Nixon the president has released his returns.

The request of the President’s tax returns came from the chairman of the committee Richard Neal on April 3.

Apparently he is within his legal right to make such a request based on Section 6301(f)(1). The problem with this request is that the law governing such things is left open for interpretation.

Congress actually needs to have a clear purpose for wanting to see tax returns of the president before the request can be honored by the IRS.

It seems interesting that the request was made moments after the Mueller report proved the President right that he was not involved with Russia in any way to influence the 2016 election.

The chairman of the committee has pointed out that he wants to see to it the IRS is being fair when they audit Trump.

It seems more likely that this is another attempt by the liberals to attack the President and make him look like a criminal before the 2020 elections.

The letter states, “Consistent with its authority the Committee is considering legislative proposals and conducting oversight related to our Federal tax Laws, including, but not limited to, the extent to which the IRS audits and enforces the Federal tax laws against a President.”

It goes on to point out though, “Individual income tax returns of a President are subject to mandatory examinations, but the practice is IRS policy and not codified in the Federal tax laws.”

Part of this debate goes all the way back to former President Nixon.

The IRS decided to audit him and see if thee was any illegal activity taking place.

In the first audit it was found that everything was OK but after a following audit it was found that he owed $500,000 in tax interest.

President Trump has said it loud and clear that he is under audit and for those reasons alone his returns will not be released.

The audit procedure stems to before he was elected in 2016.

The President has said, “I would love to give them but I’m not going to do it while I’m under audit.” He has also stated with regard to the letter, “I have no obligation to do that while under audit.”

President Trump is not one to follow the examples of other people.

Just because the previous President’s have released their returns does not mean that Trump has to do it as well.

There is nothing wrong with not following what everyone else has done.

If anything a change in the way things are done is healthy.

President Trump has been a President that has done things against the grain.

He has brought a new way of looking at things to the presidency that has not been seen in decades.

There are two ways that the President can avoid the request.

The first is to prove that the request of the committee is outside of its power to make such a request. The second way is to prove that it is unconstitutional to make the request. Trump’s lawyer has indicated that the committee needed to have a reason for such a request.

He has stated that it is, “a transparent effort by one political party to harass an official from the other party because they dislike his politics and speech.”

It seems very interesting that the request is being pursued after a major document has found the President to be truthful and reliable.

There is no reason that a liberal Congress needs to see the President’s tax returns.

It is evident to the rational thinking people of the United States that this is an attempt to try to find something wrong with this President.

If anyone digs deep enough, they will find something wrong with any person.

No one is perfect.

It is just another nail in the coffin for the Democratic Party because they are wasting their time in the House to accomplish anything of value for this country before the upcoming elections.


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