Obama Scandals That Still Plague Us

Obama Scandals That Still Plague Us

The media is forever coming after the Trump Administration while often lamenting the good old days when Obama was in office.

Joe Biden has even commented recently that their administration was basically scandal-free.

This, however, simply isn’t true.

There are several scandals that plagued the Obama Administration that the mainstream media now basically ignores or downplays.

The IRS Coming after Conservatives

The Internal Revenue Service under Lois Lerner was accused of targeting several conservative groups that had words such as “patriots” or “Tea Party” in their name when they were seeking tax-exempt status.

Lawsuits were filed in 2013 regarding incidents that occurred beginning in 2010.

Congress issued a contempt citation against Lerner, which the Obama Justice Department refused to enforce.

In 2017 the Justice Department settled with dozens of conservative organizations and groups with then Attorney General Jeff Sessions stating, “We hope that today’s settlement makes clear that this abuse of power will not be tolerated.”

The IRS during the Obama administration was clearly targeting groups that were conservative or had specific political affiliations.

Dysfunction in the VHA

In 2014 it was discovered that 35 veterans had died while waiting to be cared for at VHA facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.

After an internal audit, it was discovered over 120,000 veterans did not receive adequate care in a timely manner.

Those responsible for scheduling were also found to have falsified documents regarding waiting times for veterans.

Tens of thousands of veterans actually waited months to receive medical care.

This is in some ways one of the most embarrassing scandals of the Obama Administration.

It is gross mismanagement of a healthcare system by an administration and a party that wants to be known for providing affordable and quality healthcare.

Drone Strikes

During his time in office there were over 500 drone strikes ordered by the Obama administration.

Attorney General Eric Holder even admitted that four Americans had been killed.

The stunning admission, however, was that three of them had not even been targeted. Obama’s use of drone strikes and the effects they had are something many Americans have heard very little about from the media.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, drone strikes under Obama killed approximately 3,800 people. There was an estimated 324 civilians among those that were killed with drones.

The Benghazi Attacks

The Benghazi disaster and Hillary Clinton’s infamous statement, “What difference at this point does it make?” garnered a fair amount of media attention for a few years after the attack on a United States Embassy in Libya.

The mainstream media, however, has all but forgotten this terrible incident since Obama left office.

Ambassador Chris Stephens, as well as three other Americans, lost their lives in the attack.

Only a few months before the election in 2012, the State Department was still trying to sell the idea that what had occurred was a reaction to a film instead of an actual terrorist attack.

Following this tragedy there were several investigations and hearings that took place.

While the media did cover this story, for the most part they gave both Obama and Clinton a pass regarding what took place and who was to blame.

If You Like Your Doctor…

Finally, who could forget this classic line or the chaos that ensued when the Affordable Care Act (ACA)was initially launched.

There were so many problems with the Affordable Care Act, or what was termed Obamacare, that it’s hard to know where to begin.

The Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, and the launch of the website right from the start was riddled with problems. S

ince then, health insurers cancelled the plans of approximately 1 million people because they didn’t comply with all the required health benefits and Obamacare premiums eventually skyrocketed.

On top of that deductibles also increased, co-ops failed, and several states ended up only having one insurer.

In some areas Obamacare has increased wait times in emergency rooms and a shortage of primary care physicians. Not only is this a major embarrassment to the Obama Administration but it may be a taste of what we can expect if we ever get a single payer system.

While no administration is completely scandal-free, the media seems to conveniently forget that there were quite a few outrageous and embarrassing incidents during the Obama Administration.


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