See The President’s New Court Appointee

See The President’s New Court Appointee

There is an ongoing challenge from the Democratic Party towards President Trump and his conservative nominations to the federal courts.

The Senate recently was able to confirm Char A. Readler from Ohio as the 33rd Federal appeals court judge nominated by President Trump. J

udge Readler has been criticized by people of both parties for his failure to defend the Affordable Care Act once it was finally brought to court for challenge.

His stance on the Affordable Care Act would be the thrust that would divide both parties as he was nominated by President Trump.

Democrats have been stalling the confirmation process on just about every judge confirmation process in an attempt to keep the conservative judges out of the courts.

The Republican side of the Senate is looking to speed up the confirmation process for the next two years by approving a rules change to the confirmation process.

Once the Senate confirms three more United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, President Trump will have filled 20 percent of the current vacancies.

He has so far out paced former presidents in their nominations to the court positions.

The President has delivered on his desire to install more conservative judges to the current court setup.

Readler’s nomination received a vote of 52 in favor of and 47 against to his appointment as judge.

Every Democrat and one Republican voted not.

The Senator from Maine has stated as she voted no that, “Rather than defend the law and its protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions — such as asthma, arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease — Mr. Readler’s brief in Texas v. United States argued that they should be invalidated.”

“There are many such arguments against Readler’s appointment. Chuck Schumer has stated that, “a vote for Readler is very simply a vote for the lawsuit to strike down our health care law.”

President Trump has made it a desire to take the Affordable Care Act and throw it out and replace it with something far better.

Of course Democrats will fight this attempt because it stands as a mark of their achievements years ago.

Every Democratic Party member sought to fight the nomination. They have stood against every one of Trump’s appointments.

It seems like in every action President Trump takes the Democratic Party is standing in the way of progress.

They sought keep Brett M. Kavanaugh and Neil M. Gorsuch from serving and being appointed.

To further show disdain for the Readler being nominated Me. Manchin has stated that Mr. Readler, “single-handedly tried to rip insurance away from West Virginians and Americans.”

He has also stated, “This gentleman has basically shown it is not about the law; it is not about the Constitution; it is about his politics and himself and not a man who should be sitting on a higher court.”

The Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, currently serves as the majority leader has made confirming nominations a high priority. He has stated that Mr. Readler, “built a longstanding reputation in private practice as a consummate legal professional.”

It really seems that the Democratic Party only focus on the now issues and does not look at the overall qualifications of a nominee.

Once Mr. Readler’s vote had taken place Senator McConnell called for a final vote on Eric E. Murphy for another position on the Sixth Circuit.

He is one that has stood against same-sex marriage. The battle continues as more and more nominees are brought up for confirmation and vote.

The Republican controlled Senate has the majority vote to confirm all the nominees because in 2013 the Democrats decided to overturn a rule that required 60 votes to confirm a nominee for judge.

As it stands current debate time is about 30 hours. Senator McConnell is looking to cut that time down to two hours.

The move by the Democrats in 2013 to overturn the long-standing rule has come back to haunt them.

The Republicans are going out of their way to include the Democrats in on the decision-making efforts.

But the Republicans are growing tired of the Democrats not willing to work for the common good. If there is no agreement made, it is likely the Republicans will move ahead with the change despite opposition from the other side.


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