Texas Democrat Suggests a Self-Serving Green Deal Idea

Texas Democrat Suggests a Self-Serving Green Deal Idea

Everyone has heard of the Green New Deal, a scheme concocted by Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York that would eliminate fossil fuels, air travel, and even beef and cow’s milk in a quest to stop human caused climate change.

The plan, though insane, has been embraced by many of the Democrats now running for president.

It can be said that the Green New Deal, with its monstrous cost of $100 trillion and its civilization wrecking details, has dealt a blow to anyone who wants to seriously address climate change and has given ammunition to those who find such efforts ill-considered.

It is with this knowledge in hand that a lesser known freshman member of Congress, Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, D-Texas, has offered a kinder, gentler green new deal in the pages of the Houston Chronicle.

Fletcher is not as well-known AOC or Ilhan Omar and that is by deliberate design.

She is the first Democrat to represent the Houston based 7th District of Texas in living memory. She defeated her Republican predecessor, John Culbertson, in part by mocking his support of science projects, including NASA’s Europa Clipper mission.

Her victory sent shock-waves through the science and aerospace communities, with some comparing her to the late Sen. William Proxmire, a fervent warrior against science for his thirty-year senate career as a Democrat from Wisconsin.

Fletcher’s essay delivers a less grandiose and more sensible solution to human caused climate change.

She notes, accurately, that Houston is a center of energy innovation, including the fracking of natural gas, the least polluting fossil fuel, carbon capture, and wind power.

Setting up a market-based system to encourage these and other technologies would surely be a better and more sustainable way of addressing climate change than the green new deal, which she describes as a government power grab of the economy.

Fletcher reverts to her anti-science roots by claiming that recent Houston floods, especially the one that happened on a biblical scale during Harvey, are the result of climate change.

Most climate scientists dispute that any single weather event can be attributed to climate change.

Besides, Houston has been prone to flooding for many decades, the cause of which is a combination of a lot of pavement and inadequate water drainage and storage infrastructure.

Fletcher also favors a return of the United States to the Paris Climate Accord, a dubious idea to say the least.

She believes that returning to the accord will encourage other countries, such as China and India, with huge carbon foot prints to do more.

The gentle-lady from Texas’ article is not meant to lead to legislation that would be voted on and passed in the House.

Too many zealots like Ocasio-Cortez stalk the halls on Congress who think the world in going to end in a dozen years to support it.

No doubt if Fletcher were to actively propose legislation that advanced a market-based approach to climate change based on sustainable technology, she will be howled down as being in the pay of the oil companies.

Ironically, Fletcher’s enemies in the Democratic Party would not be far wrong.

As a corporate lawyer, she had several Houston energy companies as clients. She has cultivated their support for her election and reelection.

Fletcher wrote the article in her home town newspaper to send a signal to both her oil company allies and to voters in her district, Unlike some of the more famous members of her freshman class, Lizzie Fletcher is not out to destroy the fossil fuel industry.

She certainly is not going to go after the eating of beef, political death in barbecue loving Texas, or air travel or private automobiles.

Fletcher is right to be reassuring.

She ran for election as a moderate but has largely legislated as a clone of Nancy Pelosi.

Many supporters of science and NASA still resent her attacks on space exploration and are spoiling for revenge.

Fletcher has already drawn some opponents for 2020, including Pierce Bush, a grandson of the legendary late President George H. W. Bush, who represented the 7th District in the 1960s.

Lizzie Fletcher is on for a tough reelection fight, especially if President Trump does well, developing coattails.

Thus, she is tacking toward the center, hoping to make herself agreeable again to her constituents.


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