Why is Hillary Clinton not Running for President in 2020?

Why is Hillary Clinton not Running for President in 2020?

The 2020 elections are approaching quickly and there has been a number of people announcing their intention of seek their selected party nomination.

The Democratic Party has seen nearly two dozen people step up and seek election for their party nomination.

Of all the people expected to run Hillary Clinton has stated, “I’m not running.”

This is one person that many were expecting to run for president but for some reason she has opted not to seek the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton has finally made it official that she is not seeking to run in the upcoming election.

After making it clear that she is not seeking reelection she stated, “But I’m going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe.”

She is definitely a person that is not going to stay out of the public’s eye.

Hillary Clinton was the first woman ever to run in the Democratic Party race and win.

For many within her party she is seen as a difficult icon.

She obviously is a strong leader, but she was beaten in that last election by the current President, Donald Trump.

She is a figure that seems to have a mysterious past and a troubled future.

She is currently holding meetings with certain people that are seeking the Democratic Party nomination for 2020.

She has privately met with Senator Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. These people sought her counsel long before she ever stepped out of the race.

There are more lady Senators that are throwing their hats in the ring for the 2020 Democratic Party nomination.

This increase is seen as an influence of Hillary Clinton running in 2016.

The four lady Senators are Ms. Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren. Tulsi Gabbard, a congresswoman, is also seeking the nomination.

These women have been inspired by Clinton’s political career and stance that she has taken throughout the years. But the question remains as to why Hillary Clinton is not seeking reelection.

Hillary Clinton is 71 years of age.

Surprisingly she is not the oldest person that would have been seeking the nomination. There are several that are older than she is such as Bernie Sanders is currently 77, Joe Biden is 76, and Michael Bloomberg is 77.

There are some within the Democratic Party that are seeking to have a young person run against President Trump in 2020.

Is it possible that the younger liberal crowd is seeking to take over the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton has every intention of staying in politics.

She plans on staying active in public speaking and remaining an influential presence in the media. She has no current desire to even run for any other public office.

Hillary Clinton has been under scrutiny and observation on occasion.

There are still a lot of questions concerning her involvement with Benghazi and about her use of federal email systems.

Many of the new candidates that she has been speaking with have been told to beware that the election could be stolen from them.

As if the Oval Office automatically is theirs to possess.

This kind of statement leads people to believe that this is exactly what Clinton and others believed about the 2016 election.

Clinton still believes that the there was interference in the 2016 election and fears that it will happen again in 2020.

The Mueller report gave clear evidence that nothing like that happened with the Trump campaign.

If anything, the Democratic Party and the former administration should face charges for participating in questionable practices during the 2016 election, as in the case of Nellie Ohr.

It is possible that Hillary Clinton has realized that her time in politics is coming to an end.

She has noticed the right time to get out of the race and seek other opportunities to make a difference in the country.

The Democratic Party needs to realize that the landscape of America is changing and the people of the country are tired of being lied to having people in office that do not care about the American people.

This is one of the many reasons that President Trump won the 2016 and election, and he will win the 2020 election as well for the same reason.


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