What Is Jared Kushner Up To?

What Is Jared Kushner Up To?

Jared Kushner is often touted as someone who married his way into his position.

He is married to Ivanka Trump, making him President Donald Trump’s son in law.

Over the years, he has been an investor and real estate developer. He attended Harvard University and graduated from New York University with dual JD/MBA degrees.

He isn’t someone who simply slept his way to the top.

He may be Senior Advisor to the President, but he earned his position as a result of his knowledge in the real estate and publishing industries.

He helped to run Trump’s digital media strategy throughout his campaign. In January of 2017, he was named the senior White House advisor.

Now, he’s busy with a few projects that are making headlines.

President Donald Trump is launching his re-election bid. As a result, senior advisor Kushner is waging a few of his own campaigns in order to form a real place in Washington DC.

Immigration Reform

The immigration reform is a big aspect to tackle – and one that many people have already tried to tackle. Whether Kushner can make any strides towards anything of real substance is anyone’s guess right now.

However, he is constantly meeting with subject-matter experts in the conference room off of his West Wing office. He knows people find it exciting to get an invite to the White House and he’s using that to his advantage.

Kushner is capable of doing more than what people give him credit for.

Since he arrived, he helped with a criminal justice bill that passed in Congress.

He’s also helped with the US/Mexico/Canada trade agreement.

Although he’s proven that he’s not just the President’s son-in-law, the immigration reform is going to require more work.

However, he wants to reframe the discussion. Instead of looking at family-based migration, he wants to move it to a skills-based system.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

As for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Kushner has been tasked to work on this at the request of Trump himself.

He has also tasked Mideastern peace on David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt. The three of them will pull in a variety of subject experts in order to establish a strategy that will help.

A foreign policy expert, Matthew Brodsky, has made comments about the three.

They have gone out of their way to bring in people who have been involved with the process. It will make it easier to know what ideas have already been brought to the table and what ideas will have a real impact on improving the conflict.

Foreign diplomats have already been shown the “economic portion” of Kushner’s plan, which includes how the US will provide investments.

There have been other “leaks” of the plan, though Kushner has denounced them as fake.

One thing is for sure, Kushner plans on getting the discussion going. Even if he fails, he’s going to take an original approach to solving the problem.

Taking on too much?

One of the biggest criticisms that come against Kushner is not that he’s taking on too much but that he’s not providing enough detail on how he’s going to do what he’s suggesting.

His PowerPoints have been “laughably simplistic,” which doesn’t speak well about his ability to convince lawmakers of his ideas.

John Kelly, the chief of staff, has seen Trump’s son-in-law’s attempts to insert himself into the policy process as unnecessary.

Kelly has gone as far as taking a shot at Kushner on TV interviews, informing Trump that his daughter and son-in-law need to be “dealt with.”

Kushner is certainly busy.

More importantly, many senators and representatives are willing to work with him because he has Trump’s ear. This is true, though he may have a few more skills than simply being married to Trump’s daughter.

It’s quite possible that he is good at what he does.

He can negotiate, hold meetings, and establish better communication regarding the various topics so that a real difference can be made within the country.

He being Trump’s son-in-law simply got his foot in the door so that he could prove his skills, which he has adequately done already.

Over the next few months will be the real test to see what Kushner is able to present in regards to the immigration reform and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

If he can provide more details to how he’s going to get the job done, he may be able to convince more people that he really does have capable skills and does belong in the position that he was given at the White House of his own accord.


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