Building the Wall Without the Governments Help

Building the Wall Without the Governments Help

The southern border is a hot topic in politics and around the nation.

The issue of how to stop so many people from crossing into the country illegally is widely debated.

Then there is the topic of what to do with those that are already in the country and need to be sent back to their country origin.

Not to mention the tangled web of kids and spouses. The issue may sound simple but it becomes even more complex when Democrats refuse to give the President the means to at least secure the border.

Recently, a public group of people opened a GoFundMe account with the goal of raising the money to build the wall that the liberal Democrats refuse to help the President build.

The American people are tired of being overrun by those that do not belong here because they came into the country illegally.

So they are building the wall themselves.

The group, which was founded by an Air Force veteran, has started work on building the wall.

They have started building in New Mexico on property that is privately owned. The group started raising funds once it became clear that the liberal House would not help protect citizens of the country that they represent.

So the people, once again, have found a way to do it themselves.

Kris Kobach, who is the former Kansas secretary of state, has stated, “It’s amazing to me how crowdfunding can successfully raise a lot of money, and how many Americans care about this.”

So far there is a half-mile section of the wall that is almost done. It is estimated that the cost to get it built was around $8 million or less.

Ironically, the group is using the very company to build the wall that the President was going to use.

There will be those that will speak out against such building projects and will undoubtedly try to stop the project.

The President’s wall effort was killed by a judge not to long ago which just inspire the nation to rally itself and build the wall. The section of wall that is being built will actually connect two sections of wall already in existence.

The group is focusing on sections of the wall that need to be built first.

Right now they are focusing on a part that the government has refused to build because of the terrain around the project. The new wall will help stop drugs from coming into the country and human smuggling to come to an end.

The section of wall is meant to reinforce and make better the existing wall sections by filling in the gaps that exist in mile long segments.

Jeff Allen, who is the man that owns the private land where they are building the wall, has stated, They are doing an incredible job.

I have fought illegals on this property for six years. I love my country, and this is a step in protecting my country.”

There is no doubt that the wall will change the look of the landscape around the region but it is critical in protecting the American people.

The group has several sections of the wall that they are targeting in several states around the border.

Each section will only enforce the border laws by keeping people out that should not be in the country. So far the group has raised over $20 million and continues to raise more funds.

They decided to start building because lawmakers are dragging their feet once again.

It is stated that more than 300,000 people have donated to the project.

There was some speculation as to why construction had not started since do much money had been raised. Much of the plans of the wall have been kept secret in order to keep anti-American groups from stopping the projects.

These types of groups and people are more concerned with lawbreakers from other countries than the very people that make up the United States.

The move to build the wall is going to make a difference.

If anything it should tell all lawmakers that the majority of the American people want the wall to be built and it is time for them to help by approving the funds to build the rest of it.


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