Jared Kushner’s Peace Plan is in Jeopardy

Jared Kushner’s Peace Plan is in Jeopardy

We have all heard the saying, “Too little, too late.”

Hopefully, this is not the case with the Mideast peace plan set forth by the son-in-law of President Donald Trump, Jarred Kushner.

Though it gives a great outlook for peace between Israel and Palestine, the timing is not so great.

The loss of momentum occurred after an overnight crisis with Israeli’s month-long election campaigning.

There is no guarantee the current Israeli government will remain in power after the summer. Great things can happen for today, but if the current government changes, it will likely be cut off with the new Israeli administration.

Benjamin Netanyahu failed to come up with a government by its deadline at midnight on Wednesday. He chose to have parliament disband instead of Benny Gantz taking the premiership from him.

Gantz is a long time political foe of Netanyahu, and the Israeli’s have already voted in the national poll.

Elections are set for September 17 with the new government taking control as early as October.

In April, the peace plan was postponed due to the Israel national polls and was rescheduled for today.

Washington will probably delay the peace plan again due to the political issues last night into today.
The best time the White House can give is after the campaign in Israel.

Here is the problem, President Trump will be doing his own campaigning for the 2020 elections and will not be able to make commitments during that time.

Palestine leaders have already refused the peace plan before it was disclosed. They feel President Trump is biased and pro-Israel and the “deal of the century” would throw everything into obscurity if delayed anymore.

As one Palestinian negotiator joked about it, “Now it is the deal of the next century.” The former US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, stated, “The Trump peace plan is on ice, maybe permanently.”

The US’s Mideast envoy, Jason Greenblatt and Jarred Kushner landed in Jerusalem Wednesday evening while Greenblatt visited the Western Wall upon arrival, he tweeted, “Lots to pray for!!”

At this time it is not known if Kushner will move forward with a meeting next month. The first part of the peace plan will be focused on the financial incentives of the peace deal.

They want to persuade the Arab Gulf countries to invest billions of dollars for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Only one Palestinian businessman said he will attend the meeting.

Before the midnight deadline on Wednesday, Greenblatt and Kushner toured Morocco and arrived in Jordan.

Morocco gave no commitments to meeting at the Bahrain conference.

In Jordan, King Abdullah II put out a statement suggesting he was not with the U.S. delegation saying, “We need to intensify efforts to achieve a comprehensive and lasting peace based on the two-state solution that would guarantee the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

President Trump has recently acknowledged Israel’s capital to be Jerusalem.

The unreleased peace plan is meant to entice Palestine to deliver investments and not to include statehood.

Kushner has not rejected the idea of a solution between the two, he has criticized following those patterns.

The Jordan king will have a hard time agreeing to the plan without including a Palestine state since his people are of that decent.

The last time anything was done in this area was in 2014. President Trump and his administration have put forth great efforts in making things happen.

Hopefully, a resolution can be found sooner than later.

Sometimes events happen for a reason. We do not always know what is happening or what is going to happen, but we hope things always get better for ourselves, our families, and our world.

A peaceful world is one of those things one can only dream of. The time frame is not the best it can be now, looming the circumstances.

Israel and Palestine have had violent and bloody wars and are among the worst rival nations in this century.

For Israel to want to meet with Jarred Kushner and work on the peace plan, it is a great sign to something better.

It is not a good thing Palestine refuses before the deal is even on the table.

The one Palestine businessman, who plans to attend the meeting, may be able to take something back to his country if the meeting can be rescheduled again. Time will only tell if peace can be achieved.

As Trump supporters, we believe!


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