Dems Think They Can Keep Their Private Insurance Under Medicare for All

Dems Think They Can Keep Their Private Insurance Under Medicare for All

Many conservatives have become alarmed at the number of people who support the single payer, government-run health care plan called by its supporters “Medicare for All.” The Hill reported on one poll that suggested that 70 percent of Americans support the proposal.

“Seventy percent said they supported providing ‘Medicare for all,’ also known as single-payer health care, for Americans,” according to a new American Barometer survey.

“The poll, conducted by Hill.TV and the HarrisX polling company found that 42 percent of respondents said they ‘strongly’ supported the proposal, while 28 percent said they “somewhat” supported it.

“Fifteen percent said they ‘somewhat’ opposed the measure, while another 15 percent said they ‘strongly’ opposed it.”

People who are aware of what an absolute nightmare government-run healthcare is in Canada and Great Britain, not to mention at least until recently the VA healthcare system, have to wonder how 70 percent of Americans could be so ill-informed.
It turns out, a very good reason exists for these poll results. The Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll has discovered some remarkable information.

“The most recent KFF Health Tracking Poll finds majorities across partisans think taxes for most people would increase under a national health plan, sometimes called Medicare-for-all (78 percent), and about half (53 percent) think private health insurance companies would no longer be the primary way Americans would get health coverage under such a plan. However, when it comes to other key changes that the leading Medicare-for-all bills introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal would bring, large shares are unaware of how the current health care system may be affected. For example, majorities say people would continue to pay deductibles and co-pays (69 percent) and continue to pay premiums (54 percent) under a Medicare-for-all plan. Likewise, majorities say people with employer-sponsored or self-purchased insurance would be able to keep their plans (55 percent each) under a Medicare-for-all plan.”

The last sentence is the key. A majority of Americans are unaware that private insurance would be forbidden under a Medicare For All scheme. The partisan breakdown translates to the high sixties for Democrats, the mid-fifties for Independents and the mid to low forties for Republicans.

However, the bill recently reintroduced by Bernie Sanders is very clear on the matter. If you like your doctor you can’t keep your doctor. If you like your plan you can’t keep your plan. You will take what the government gives you and tough if it is inadequate. Charlie Gard’s parents in Great Britain found out what happens if you buck the “compassionate” universal healthcare system. The British NHS system actually resorted to killing elderly patients under the Liverpool Care Pathway scheme.

As Hot Air suggests, Republicans are more attuned to what Medicare for All means. Having lived through the Obamacare wars, they are pretty sure that it translates to total socialism and all that implies.

Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, are confused as to what Medicare for All means because their presidential candidates are all over the map about what it implies. “Bernie wants Medicare for All; Warren has been cagier, endorsing the goal but less certain about the means; Buttigieg doesn’t see why Medicare For All requires an end to private insurance; Biden merely wants a public option added to ObamaCare.”

Liberals are likely unaware about how much taxes would have to go up to pay for a Medicare for All system. The cost of $32 trillion has been the most quoted figure for the first ten years of Bernie Sanders’ proposal. Both Sanders’ home state of Vermont and California rejected their own versions of universal healthcare because of the enormous cost.

From the standpoint of the Trump campaign, the attack ads almost literally write themselves, depending on who the Democrats choose as their candidate. “Bernie Sanders wants to take away your private healthcare. He just told us and so shall we.”

Hot Air also mentioned that Trump is mulling his own healthcare plan, which it thinks is a mistake. It isn’t. The standard rejoinder that the liberals use is “what’s your plan?” along with accusations that the Republicans want to kill your grandmother.

If Trump can come up with a new plan based on free market principles, then he will at least have an answer to that question. Mind, the Democrats will still lie about it, but nothing can stop them from doing so.


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