Ted Cruz Demands Federal Investigation

When a gay, Asian journalist sent to the hospital without police interference, Sen. Cruz wants the FBI to intervene.

According to the Blaze:

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is calling for legal action against Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) over his apparent failure to adequately police his city.”

“Wheeler has reportedly directed Portland law enforcement to employ a ‘hands-off’ policy during city protests, even when they turn violent. The alleged policy has allowed many demonstrators to be injured when masked Antifa protesters turn violent.”

Cruz’s demand comes in the wake of a savage beating inflicted on Andy Ngo, an independent journalist, while he was filming an Antifa riot. The domestic terrorists, who concealed their identities with masks, also stole his camera equipment.

Ngo was taken to the hospital with severe head injuries, including a reported brain bleed. Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin has set up a GoFundMe page for Ngo’s medical bills. As of this writing, the fund has collected $137,000.

The Antifa, a loose confederation of far-left groups and individuals, characterized themselves as fighting against white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Masked Antifa terrorists have started street brawls with right-wing extremists in places such as Charlottesville.

Such actions have caused liberals such as CNN’s Chris Cuomo to compare them to American soldiers fighting the Nazis during World War II. Soon after the Charlottesville riot, Cuomo tweeted a picture of American soldiers hitting the beach at Normandy with the caption, “Anti-fascists disrupting a large gathering of white supremacists…”

Of course, the comparison is outrageous on its face. In fact, Antifa is a domestic terrorist group, no better than the right-wing extremists that they claim to oppose. Antifa has attacked mainstream conservatives and Trump supporters in the streets, turning peaceful demonstrations into blood street brawls.

Thus far they have restricted themselves to fists and hand-held weapons to inflict hurt on innocents. However, a recent Fox News report suggests that Antifa is planning to escalate to all-out armed revolution.

“The FBI is investigating a supposed radical far-left Antifa plot to stage an armed rebellion’ and “disrupt U.S. law enforcement and military security operations at the US/Mexican border.”

“Word of the probe comes after years of the FBI putting greater emphasis on the threat of Antifa activities, with bureau Director Christopher Wray saying the agency is looking into the ideology and individuals associated with the movement.”

The story reports that Antifa may be seeking to buy weapons from a Mexican cartel. The idea may be to attack American law enforcement on the border and perhaps even detention facilities to liberate migrants that are being held pending asylum processing. The FBI is not offering comment, noting that it is engaged in an ongoing investigation.

Certainly, Sen. Cruz’s call for an investigation of the mayor of Portland should be taken seriously. Portland has become a city in which left-wing hate and violence is tolerated rather than suppressed.

As the American Conservative noted:

“One gets the impression that Antifa rules Portland with the same impunity that the Ku Klux Klan ruled Birmingham in the 1960s. Do they actually have police in Portland? Do they have a functioning government there?”

It should be noted that when the Klan was attacking and even murdering African Americans and civil rights workers during the sixties, the FBI finally intervened to put a stop to the terrorism. Then as now with the Antifa, local law enforcement provided no help in the effort to suppress lawlessness.

Antifa terrorism, as of this writing, has not received any condemnation from anyone associated with the Democratic Party, not even the candidates running for president of the United States. Indeed, as the tweet from Chris Cuomo suggests, the mainstream left has provided encouragement.

Portland should receive particular attention. The city has engaged in much virtue signaling about right-wing hate groups, such as when its city council passed a resolution that condemned “white nationalism, white supremacy, and alt-right hate groups.” Local politicians and media have remained remarkably silent where it concerns the left-wing variety, such as Antifa.

Oregon has its share of racism in its history, having entered the Union as a “whites only state.” But Portland’s continued tolerance of Antifa terrorism suggests that the city has yet to wrap its collective mind around the idea that hate and violence come in many varieties and is not the exclusive province of any particular political viewpoint.

An investigation such as the one demanded by Sen. Cruz would provide a remedy for that state of affairs.


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