Ted Cruz Weighs in on the Nike Betsy Ross Shoe Controversy

Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is none too pleased with how Nike is dealing with the Betsy Ross flag shoe controversy. He has taken to Twitter to express his righteous ire.

“Yep, I own lots of @Nike I’ve been a life-long customer since I was a kid. But they’ve now decided their shoes represent snide disdain for the American flag. Since they don’t want my business anymore, I won’t buy any more. Can anyone recommend a good sneaker company that’s not so woke?”

Nike, a company that makes overpriced athletic sneakers made, by all account, with slave labor in the developing world, recently rolled out a special edition show that displayed the Betsy Ross American flag, the one with 13 stars in a circle in the blue field in the upper left-hand corner. So-far, so-good, as it was an appropriate gesture so close to the Fourth of July.

Then, the washed-up former football player, Colin Kaepernick, who for some reason is being paid millions to be a Nike pitchman, raised objections. The American flag that flew over battlefields such as the Cowpens and Yorktown was offensive to him and some other people. It bespoke of a time when slavery still existed in America and not just in Nike sweatshops. Kaepernick’s real problem was that since he is no longer playing football and the taking the knee during the playing of the national anthem is no longer as much of a thing as it once, no one was paying him attention.

As far as drawing attention to himself, mission accomplished as far as Kaepernick was concerned.

Instead of telling Kaepernick to be quiet, Nike fell over itself corporate self to bend the knee, as it were, and withdraw the Betsy Ross shoe. Stores that already had it in stock were obliged to ship it back.

The firestorm that followed was predictable. The cleverest response came from the UK Daily Mail’s David Martosko when he tweeted a picture from Barack Obama’s second inaugural. As the 44th president of the United States offered his address in preparation for another four years of misgovernance, displayed behind him, quite prominently, was that symbol of slavery, the 13 star Betsy Ross flag. Martosko noted, “That Betsy Ross flag sure fell out of fashion quickly.”

Nike has beclowned itself, branding the company as anti-American, in thrall to a man who got every advantage from the country of his birth and responded with a middle finger. Colin Kaepernick came very close to ruining professional football, by interjecting his ego in the guise of politics. Now he is setting about trying to do the same to Nike, with the slavering help of its corporate masters.

While Sen Cruz has done himself good in standing up to Nike, the plaudits are not universal. Rep Sean Caster, D-Ill was especially caustic on Twitter.

“Brave of you to stand up to a pair of shoes. Maybe one day you’ll stand up to the man who insulted your wife, your father, and our country.”

No one knows what Caster is talking about when he suggests that President Trump insulted our country. The president’s love of country is apparent in every word he speaks, Cruz and his family have forgiven Trump for the personal insults uttered in the heat of a campaign and they are all reconciled as friends and political allies. Since he is a liberal Democrats, forgiveness is something that is foreign to Caster,

Others brought up the crisis on the border, giving the impression that Cruz and the Republicans are entirely responsible. Rex Huppke, who works for the Chicago Tribune, snarked, “Why don’t you donate them to the migrants your party is holding in concentration camps?” Like AOC, Huppke is innocent of any knowledge of World War II history and thus has violated Godwin’s Law.

Another Twitter social justice warrior, calling himself “Right-Wing Jesus” tweeted, “Ted’s holding out for Confederate Flag crocs..” Cruz is a Cuban American and would not be caught dead in a pair of crocks.

Brittany Cope echoed Kaepernick’s ignorance of American history.

“I don’t know how many times I have to say this but it’s not the Current flag. It was the 13 colonies flag. If you don’t recall from American history, black people were slaves at this time. So maybe use compassion and understand why some people would be offended by this flag.”

And many fought under that Betsy Ross flag and won their freedom thereby. But let not the facts interfere with one’s tweets.


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