Threats Against Ocasio-Cortez Escalate Due to Lies

Threats Against Ocasio-Cortez Escalate Due to Lies

The American people are getting tired of Ocasio-Cortez and her rhetoric about how bad America is and how evil law enforcement people are towards the outside invaders that seek to harm Americans. Recently, wormy Cortez was threatened with the possibility of being shot by a police officer that is tired of being threatened by the AOC members.

The AOC has repeatedly threatened police officers and border patrol agents by yelling at them and refusing to provide for them the money needed to do their job better.

Officer Charles Rispoli stated that Ocasio-Cortez is a “vile idiot who needs a round … and I don’t mean the kind she used to serve.”

This police officer is mad at the AOC and everything that they stand for. As vile and stupid as wormy Cortez maybe death threats towards any person is never a good way to handle disagreements and anger. Cortez is vile, and she is stupid and so are all that follow her.

But as Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson stated, “this incident, we feel, has been an embarrassment to our department.” People get angry and in the heat of the moment will say things that they do not mean. The people of America are at a boiling point with the idiotic members of the Democratic Party.

More people are making threats towards these people than ever before. So far not very many of the treats have been acted on. The deaf Democrats need to listen to the threats of the people. This is a wake-up call to them that they are not representing the people the way they should be.

But the Democratic party is self-serving. They only do what is in their best interests. Ocasio-Cortez does not care about children, or she would have spoken out in rage over the Mini-AOC comic that was threatened by a member of her wacky AOC party. This little girl and her family faced death threats in an attempt to silence them.

Where were the justice and the support for that family? Let the world see the two-faced Ocasio-Cortez and her little band of wacky rabbits only care about themselves.

Wormy Cortez took to the media and blamed President Trump for the threats. She is so blind and misguided that she cannot see that it was her actions that warranted such a threat from this police officer. The real heroes of America are tired of being treated like trash from the freaks of the Democratic party. The Democrats hate America, and they hate those that protect its borders. They want to do away with their opposition, so they can treat people harshly without having to answer for their actions.

This police officer answered for his actions with the loss of his job. Now it is time for wormy Cortez to answer for the threats she made to the Mini-AOC.

She did not condemn the actions of her support base which means she agrees with what was done. Cortez needs to be fired from the House and sent home. She should be sent back to New York in shame.

The fact that Cortez tried to blame Trump for this threat shows that she is more interested in making this a political event rather than fearing for her own life. No one believes the tears or the remorse that this crazy lady has anymore. She is an example of the problems in America, and she is not the solution.

President Trump is tackling the problems in America with hopes that people like Cortez are not found within its borders. The policies and agendas that he is passing have only strengthened the country. The economy has never been stronger and the military has never seen this kind of support from members of the political system.

They have the money they need to protect Americans from people like Cortez that just happened to slip through the system. America still stands as a beacon of hope for the world. Those that are seeking something better with their lives can come to the country the legal way and can one day call America their home.


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