Ginsburg’s Opposition Of Democrats

Ginsburg’s Opposition Of Democrats

Ruth Ginsburg may be a Democrat, but she’s not above calling the demented Dems out when necessary. She has recently gone on record to talk about the asinine antics of the 2020 Dems in their efforts to change up the Supreme Court.

What are the Dems talking about now?

It’s as if the 202 Dems have one thing on their mind: destroying the country. There are hundreds of things that have worked for hundreds of years. The Electoral College, the Supreme Court, and the list goes on and on. However, many of the Dems who are running for President have talked about changing up the Supreme Court.

There are currently nine judges. It’s always been that way. It’s worked. Why fix something that isn’t broken? This seems to be a question being asked a lot lately, but the left like to waste time and money on everything.

The thought process is to increase the bench in the Supreme Court to add more judges. However, this is a bad idea. It’s hard enough for nine to come to a general consensus – as soon as more are in there, it becomes a circus.

Ginsburg Speaks Out

Ruth Ginsburg is one of the senior members of the Supreme Court. After battling cancer on several occasions, she comes back more opinionated than ever – and it’s why so many people love her, regardless of political affiliation.

She has weighed in on the idea of enlarging the Supreme Court, and she feels the same way most of the Republicans do. Why?

She told NPR, “Nine seems to be a good number.” She goes on to explain that it’s been that way for a while now. Since there’s no real good cause to increase the number, she goes on to explain what she thinks would result.

Ginsburg says that by adding judges, it could end up making the Supreme Court look partisan, which is exactly what needs to be avoided. One side would say that while they’re in power, they’re going to increase the number of judges. This way, there are more people who will vote the way that we need them to vote.

No. The Dems have to realize that there are going to be times when they’re not going to get their way. The country was built on democracy, giving everyone a voice. Without that, we’re not America the Great. We’d become a country led by socialists, telling us how we’re supposed to feel about different issues.

Ginsburg isn’t too concerned about the 2020 Dems calling for term limits for the justices either. She explains that there’s a lot of political difficulties involved with amending the constitution. Right now, there are protections that allow for a lifetime appointment. She feels that these safeguards are similar or greater to anywhere else in the world for judicial independence.

The Dems are Showing Their Cards

One of the reasons why Dems are getting so upset and wanting to change the way that the Supreme Court works is because Obama’s nomination wasn’t confirmed in his last year because Mitch McConnell refused to hold the hearings.

That’s one instance. It’s one instance where the Dems decided that they didn’t like the way the law was written. Since the Dems do nothing but stomp their feet and carry on when they don’t get their way, their solution is to write the laws in their favor. What they tend to forget is that they’re not the only ones who get to vote on different things.

The Dems are starting to show their cards within the 2020 race for the presidency. They’re talking about changing all of these laws and rules when they get into office so that it helps to make the Dem side stronger than the GOP side. What they’re forgetting is this crazy little world called “bipartisan.” The reason that the U.S. is such a great place is that there’s a balance between the parties. They’re acting like the kid in the back of the class that liked to cheat off of everyone, tipping the scale in their favor when they figure no one is looking.

Ginsburg is spot on when she’s calling the Dems out for what they’re doing. She sees through all of the smoke and mirrors that they’re using in order to get their way. They can’t stack the deck because that’s not the way that the Constitution was written. More judges will mean more delays and that means less getting done in the White House each year. When will the Dems learn that they can’t cheat the system?


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