Pelosi Struggles To Keep Peace With Dems Who Want To Impeach

Pelosi Struggles To Keep Peace With Dems Who Want To Impeach

Pelosi has proven yet again that she is incapable of keeping “her” House under control. One of her roles of Speaker of the House is to keep everyone in order. She has had to issue a warning to many of the Dems to not trash fellow colleagues when they don’t want to support impeachment.

The impeachment idea is becoming a bit ridiculous. Al Green (D-Tex) has called for impeachment proceedings three times since Trump has been in office. All three times, including the last one when the Dems held the majority, they were shot down. Even when the Mueller report was released, impeachment wasn’t taking place. Clearly, it’s not going to happen – and the 80+ Dems who want it to happen need to settle down and move on.

The Problem with the Louder Dems

There are a few loud Dems who have been crying out for impeachment for a while. However, Robert Mueller’s testimony didn’t give them much new material to go on. They’re not willing to let the issue go, though. They’re not only trying to force Pelosi’s hand for impeachment but they’re also disparaging some of their colleagues who don’t want to move forward with impeachment – mainly because they’re in a district that voted for Trump in 2016.

Pelosi explained to the House that they can talk about impeachment if it’s politically necessary for their districts. She also urged people not to talk bad about members who are not in the same situation. She doesn’t want Representatives making it about patriotism, which some are – including AOC. The freshman has actually been antagonizing some of the centrist Democrats, both in person and on Twitter.

The Dems didn’t get their answers from the Mueller testimony. They were hoping that Mueller would straight up say that impeachment would be the best constitutional process to deal with Trump. However, he wasn’t going to say that, no matter how much he was questioned. Mueller saw that this was the Dems’ way of making a show for America and he wasn’t going to play along.

Representative Veronica Escobar (D-Tex) asked Mueller if he was suggesting that Congress needs to impeach Trump. Mueller responded with “I’m not going to comment on that.” Dems didn’t know how to let that go, though. Countless other Democrats stood in front of Mueller and asked him almost identical questions. Not surprisingly, Mueller answered all of them the same: “I’m not going to comment.”

Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) has explained that he feels that there’s a broad consensus within the caucus to move forward with an impeachment inquiry, despite knowing that Pelosi is “cool” to the idea of it all.

What happens if the Dems get their way?

In a perfect world, this is how Dems see it all unfolding: Trump is impeached. The Senate supports it, and Trump is removed from office. Then, Pence decides to resign because he doesn’t want to be President. That would put Pelosi in as President based on the way that the United States presidential succession plan works.

They haven’t thought this through all the way. Pelosi as President? The Dems don’t even like her enough as Speaker of the House to honor her and listen to her, so how would they deal with her as the President? Sure, the Dems would have the majority. However, recent history has shown that the Dems are even more divided on certain issues than they are as a whole from the GOP.

Everything about what’s happening in the House right now shows that the Representatives can’t even be civil to one another. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were working for a Fortune 500 company and constantly talking bad about her co-workers, she’d be fired. The same goes for everyone else who is acting like an unruly, ungrateful teenager. This isn’t the first time that Pelosi has had to remind out of control Dems that they need to be polite to one another.

Is this really what we want for the country? Pelosi would make a horrible president simply because she’s proven to be an ineffective House Leader. She can’t get everyone to agree or at least be civil with one another. Imagine what the White House would look like with all of those disagreements.

With everyone being so petty, it’s likely that the Dems are going to lose a number of seats in 2020 because of their inability to get along. This means that Pelosi will find it easier to focus on doing her job because it won’t be her job to keep the peace any longer once the GOP is back in control of the House.


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