Bubonic Plague “Inevitable” in Liberal-Run Los Angeles

Bubonic Plague “Inevitable” in Liberal-Run Los Angeles

If you want to really know what the Democrat Party has in store for the future of America, just look at their model cities in California for an example. But if you haven’t visited San Fran or L.A. since the 1990s, you’ll probably be surprised by what you see there now. There are enough homeless drug addicts in each city to fill up a small town in other parts of the country. Human feces, dirty discarded drug needles, piles of garbage, tent cities, and filthy, zombie-like hobos are everywhere. The situation is so bad in these liberal-run cities that we’re on the verge of another bubonic plague outbreak.

Los Angeles and San Francisco now feature hellish slums that are on par with anything you used to have to travel to Third World countries to see. These cities are overcrowded, of course, which is nothing new. But if you drive across the bridge from Oakland into San Francisco today, the first thing you’ll notice is the smell. San Francisco stinks like a urinal in a dive bar that hasn’t been cleaned since the 1970s. Even with your windows rolled up, you still need to have a bottle of Listerine in your car, just to get the taste of San Francisco’s air out of your mouth. And when you leave San Francisco in disgust at the end of the day, it’s probably a good idea to take a shower. Immediately.

San Francisco is the home district of one of the most powerful liberals in America: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But Pelosi doesn’t deal much with the problems in her home city. Sure, she still has a house there so that she can claim that she lives in the district and run for office there. However, when she’s in California, she spends all of her time far upwind of San Francisco. She has a palatial vineyard in Napa Valley where she spends most of her free time. It even has a wall around it to keep the riffraff out, along with 24-hour armed security.
Yet as disgusting as liberal-run San Francisco is today, it pales in comparison to Los Angeles. The hobos are so thick in L.A. and the San Fernando Valley that the rats are back. About 1.5 percent of the rats in L.A. are infested with fleas carrying the bubonic plague – the same “Black Plague” that killed millions of Europeans in the Middle Ages. When the number of rats with plague-carrying fleas reaches 2 percent in Los Angeles, it will start to spread among the human population.

And of course, the plague is just the latest medieval disease to make a comeback in Los Angeles. They’ve had outbreaks of typhus that have gotten so bad that employees at City Hall have come down with it. Los Angeles had an outbreak of pertussis in one of its most expensive private schools earlier this year. And there’s an unidentified strain of E Coli among the hobo population that requires limb amputation.

How did the situation get so bad in California’s cities? Liberal open border policies. California is the open-borders model that Democrats want for the rest of America. Sure, there’s a wall on the border down in San Diego – but California’s state government has been as welcoming as possible for illegal aliens since the 1990s. They’re a sanctuary state. They give illegal aliens driver’s licenses, voting rights, and welfare checks. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) – who happens to be Nancy Pelosi’s nephew – just signed a new law to force native Californians to pay all of the healthcare costs for illegal aliens.

This all sounds very virtuous, but there’s a cost to the native population from open borders. California alone has somewhere between an estimated 10 to 15 million illegal aliens. What they don’t have is 10 to 15 million extra houses or apartments. Housing costs have skyrocketed in Los Angeles because there’s not enough housing to go around. It will run you $2,500 a month for a cruddy apartment in a gang-infested neighborhood there now.

With rents like that, native-born Californians end up homeless very quickly if they lose their job. This is all a consequence of ultra-left liberal policies: Overcrowding, filthy streets, bubonic plague and more. If that’s how they run their model cities, imagine what they’ll do with the rest of the country if they win the 2020 elections.


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