Dems Show They Have No Idea What A Concentration Camp Is

Dems Show They Have No Idea What A Concentration Camp Is

A number of Dems keep referring to the temporary housing at the U.S./Mexico border as concentration camps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said it. Whoopi Goldberg has said it. Countless others have used the term, too – and it’s showing just how ignorant they are.

The Border Chief, Mark Morgan, went on record by explaining that the United States is not running concentration camps at the border. This includes not making people drink from toilets nor denying them toothbrushes. He says that it’s simply, “not true” and speaking in such terms only causes the country to divide further.

He calls that attacking the guards are demoralizing. It also deteriorates the public’s understanding and perception of what’s going on and what the issues are. Morgan identifies that the real issues are the cartels and the smugglers. The Dems saying that the country is running concentration camps is insulting, divisive, and ahistorical.

What is a concentration camp?

The easiest way for people to know what a concentration camp is to look at Nazi Germany. This is where thousands of people were brought against their will to either work without pay in the harshest of conditions or who were blatantly murdered with weapons, tear gas, or other horrific methods used by the Nazis.

The concentration camps were used as a method to get rid of a race that the Nazis simply had no tolerance for. There were no trials. There were no debates. Entire families were simply seized out of their homes and put inside of a concentration camp where they all awaited their death.

It’s a Gross and Radical Depiction

The Dems are showing off their ignorance when they try to depict the temporary housing at the border to be a concentration camp. They use the words because people think “Nazi Germany” when they hear the words. However, none of that is actually happening. No one is being sentenced to their death within the temporary housing. Further, no one is being plucked from their homes and being forced into the camps. The only people who are even in the housing are those who are either a) awaiting asylum or b) hopped over a fence or ran across a bridge illegally, going past the legal means in which to enter the United States.

When US Rep AOC compared the government-run facilities with the migrant detainees to concentration camps last month, she insulted an entire generation. She made a historical smear that minimized the death of over six million Jews in the world.

There’s a Difference Between Hatred and Following the Law

The biggest problem with the Dems comparing the temporary housing to Nazi concentration camps is their lack of understanding. They don’t understand the reasons behind both are completely different. What the Nazis did were strictly because of hating one race. Their goal was to wipe out the Jewish population entirely. The reason for placing people into concentration camps wasn’t to hold them temporarily or to help them get into a country illegally. Instead, it was to commit mass murders.

The reason for the temporary housing is to prevent tens of thousands of undocumented people into the United States every month. As Morgan mentioned in his press conference, it is the cartels and traffickers that is causing the problem. The United States cannot let every single person into the country without being able to check them out first. Otherwise, we as a country run the risk of letting the cartels run the United States, becoming the very place that so many people are trying to run from.

There are immigration laws in the United States. These weren’t created by one man. Trump certainly wasn’t the one to create the laws that require people to go through an immigration process. Ellis Island was around long before Trump took office. He is simply trying to reduce the crisis and follow through on all of the laws.

The Dems have got to stop referencing “concentration camps” when talking about the border because it’s only creating fake news. It’s pulling the country apart when the fact that nothing even close to a concentration camp situation is occurring at the border.

AOC and other loud-mouthed Dems who don’t do their historical homework before speaking better hope that nothing like a concentration camp appears at the border because that’s when there will be a major crisis. However, Trump (and plenty of other politicians) would act immediately if there were actual concentration camps and mass murders happening at the border. Fortunately, everyone is being fed and clothed and bathed daily until they await their release – hardly anything like that of Nazi Germany.


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