Mike Pence Demands Iran Release Christian

Mike Pence Demands Iran Release Christian

Recently, Vice President Mike Pence took to Twitter to defend an Iranian woman named Mahrokh Kanbari who has been thrown into prison by authorities of the Islamic Republican of Iran for being a Christian. The move has been seen as an example of the theocratic regime’s savage persecution of religious minorities.

Pence tweeted, “Iran must free Mahrokh Kanbari today. Whether Sunni, Sufi, Baha’i, Jewish or Christian, America will stand up for people of faith in Iran like Mahrokh and Pastor Bet Tamraz whose persecutions are an affront to religious freedom.

“I am appalled to hear reports that Iran’s despotic rulers have punished yet another Christian woman for exercising her freedom to worship.”

The Christian Post noted:

“An Iranian Christian convert was sentenced to one year in prison on charges of “acting against national security” and engaging in “propaganda against the system” as crackdowns against Christians continue, the aid group International Christian Response reports.

“The sentence was handed down to 65-year-old Mahrokh Kanbari on Monday (July 29), two days after she appeared before the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Karaj. Friends of Kanbari told the nonprofit group that the judge was rude to the defendant and tried to humiliate her when she disagreed with him.

“Kanbari was arrested by three Iranian intelligence agents at her home last Christmas Eve. Authorities were said to have confiscated mobile phones, Bibles and other Christian-related materials.”

Kanbari has subjected to ten days of “intensive interrogation” before being released last January. She was instructed to seek out an Iman to facilitate her “return to Islam.” Since she has refused to do so, the Islamic Revolutionary Court has thrown her back into prison.

In a way, despite the probable torture that Kanbari underwent and her imprisonment, Jihad Watch notes that she is, at least for now, getting off easy. While the Koran teaches tolerance for Christians and Jews, since they too believe in the one God, that tolerance does not extend to Muslims who convert to other religions. The penalty for apostasy is death.

The Vice President’s expression of concern over the persecution of Iranian Christians such as Mahrokh Kanbari constitutes a policy change by the Trump administration as opposed to the neglect of human rights abuses by the previous Obama administration. President Barack Obama took a blind eye to the persecution of religious and political dissenters in Iran, so eager he was of establishing a rapprochement with the Islamic Republic.

The Trump Administration, on the other hand, has reversed the Obama era policy of appeasement and has mounted a campaign to oppose Iran on many fronts, including economic sanction, military, and diplomatic pressure, and rhetorical support of persecuted dissidents such as Mahrokh Kanbari.

In return, President Trump has received support from the evangelical community not seen by an American chief executive since President Ronald Reagan. Despite the president’s spotty record in the area of personal minority, religious Christians have found a friend in the Oval Office.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been driving to suppress religious minorities to establish Shia Islam as the supreme religious faith of the land. The repression has fallen on not only Christians, Jews, and Bahais, but also Sunni Muslims, who adhere to the form of Islam that predominates in much of the Arab world.

The solution to the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in Iran, absent regime change, will be difficult. Dr. Yossi Mansharof, an expert on Iran, its politics and religion notes, according to Fox News, “The possible means to decrease these persecutions is to make a significant improvement in the freedom of the religious minorities a condition for any engagement and talks with the Iranian regime. Unfortunately, in light of the concentration on other crises related to Iran, especially its nuclear ambitions and expansionist drive, which is boosted by terrorism, the important topic of human rights in Iran does not get its proper place in the engagement of the international community with the Islamic regime of Iran.”

However, President Trump has given his assurances to an Assyrian Christian named Dabrina Bet Tamraz, whose family has been imprisoned by Iran for running home-based churches, that he would raise the plight of Iranian Christians in future negotiations with the Islamic Republic, according to the Christian Post.

In the meantime the Christian community of Iran requests prayers for the deliverance of Mahrokh Kanbari and other Christians suffering for their faith in prison.


17 thoughts on “Mike Pence Demands Iran Release Christian

  1. I like to believe there is a silent majority that believes just as I do. The God I worship has revealed himself to me a few times. The God I follow is the creator of all things and he loves us and wants us to follow him. He wants us to love and help each other. We have a free will to follow or not and if Allah the Muslim God wants me and others dead because we don’t follow them and their God, for me they are not following any God, but they have been deceived by the pure Devil. I cant remember the scripture in the Quran but I have read it and Allah gets mad for being deceived and basically says he will get even because he is the greatest of deceivers….. In my KJ bible the Devil is the greatest of deceivers, Soooo, what does that tell you ?? AND the other side of that is who are these people who want to tell me what I can and can’t believe ? When they come to my door to tell me what I can and can’t think, I will do my best to kill every one of them I can before and if they try to kill me. For me I am not killing a human being, I am killing the devils advocates

  2. Rep. illah Omar will never say anything bad about her love of Islam and Iran, When her own Family was corrupt in Somalia and had to flee to Kenya to keep from being killed for the crimes they commented as heads of State!
    She sets a double standard, for she has even made fun of Mike Pence for Praying to God, instead of Allah!
    She makes anti-American statements, some people did something, never mentions it was Islamic Muslims who killed nearly 3,300 9/11, yet she takes the victim role, poor Muslims. Somalia Muslims still sell slaves to this very day, she took Nancy Pelosi on a VIP trip to Somalia while holding Nancy’s hand! Nancy must have converted for she has had Islamic Iman to lead Prayer in the Democrat House. Did not Omar’s Father change their Names from Elmi to Omar. Omar’s Dad broke the law to come to the United States, using his friends last name then claiming he is kin, then used the Chain Migration to bring his family here. Again, Funny illah then flies to the UK and Married her Brother to bring him to the United States, again and again illah breaks the laws of the United States, while being protected by her House Democrats! I do believe the Democrat Party has Made the Religion of Islam their Official Religion. Democrats have always attacked Christians, banning Christian Prayer nd the Holy Bible from Political events, by screaming “separation of Church and State” now we see Obama’s Common Control Program which the Education Department forces on all the States. It teaches Courses right from the Islamic Holy Quran where children has to recite the 5 Pillars of Islam. The Education Department builds “Special Prayer Rooms” for Muslim student to practice their Religion, also schools have to prepare special lunches for the Religion of the Muslim students???? Democrats say that’s not separation of Church and State when it comes to the Religion of Islam! Democrats Islam did not build this Country and there would be no Freedom if Islam built this Country. Their is no Asylum in a Islamic Country, and if one is a Christian living in a Islamic Country, guess what they are treated like a animal, beaten, killed, or imprisoned just for being a Christian. Yet, when Muslims come to our Country First thing they scream is RIGHTS, Obama lied to Americans about poor Widows and Orphans coming here when it was Military age Islamic Muslim Men who came here by the millions. They brought 4 wives and 22 children and refuse to work, fulling the “Hadith” which commands Muslims not to work use up the infidels social systems while forcing Shariah on the Infidels. Already, Democrat Liberal Judges in 32 States are using Shariah Law in our Court Rooms to Judge Muslims by???? When our own Constitution forbids use of Foreign Laws to Judge people by, but again the Democrat Party had adopted Islam as its Official Religion, even thumbed its nose at our own Constitution! Mike I commend you for standing up, but again those 2 Muslim Women in Congress will put you down for being a Christian!!!!

  3. Mr. Pence, you DEMAND the release of the Christian prisoner ? NOT very diplomatic of you. With a statement like that, you will get less respect than obama got from other countries.

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