AOC and the Corruption in Washington

AOC and the Corruption in Washington

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her chief of staff are up to no good once again. The wormy House representative just lost her chief of staff because he has been under investigation for campaign finance violations. He is also guilty of two PAC’s that have been operating illegally for some time now.

It is hard to think that Ocasio-Cortez could not have known about these violations. She would have had to have known about them since he was her top aid. This makes her responsible for all the illegal activity that is going on under her.

Nearly $1 million has been funneled into these two illegal accounts so Cortez could profit and get around campaign disclosure requirements. This allows them to keep donation information private while hiding what special interest groups are promoting ads in favor of candidates. AOC has been lying to the American voter for over three years and it looks like she has finally been caught. Her top aid has been cheating people, and she has approved of the methods.

In the complaint filed with the FEC, it stated, “Chakrabarti appeared to have “orchestrated an extensive off-the-books operation to make hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenditures in support of multiple candidates for federal office.” Her top aid has made a deliberate decision to fraud the American voter. Cortez herself would have to approve such actions before he could act on his own.

Cortez is trying to hide the fact that she has been enticed and has fallen into the trap of trading political favors for self-enrichment promotions and power. She or her aid or both are looking for ways to promote themselves in the eyes of people, so they can a better position when they are out of office in 2020. Cortez cannot stomach the reality that she will soon have to serve drinks at the bar once again, so she is looking for the way to set herself up with a lot of money.

Cortez’s arid is the mastermind behind the Green New Deal. His involvement in this fraudulent crime shows that he and Cortez are trying to push a New Green Deal that will cheat Americans out of their money and it will be used to line the pockets of the AOC members. This is why Cortez has a hard time defending her Green New Deal. It is not her idea, and she cannot defend it because it is not designed to help the environment but it is designed to make her wealthy. Cortez is a cheat and a fraud.

Harry S. Truman said it best “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” The fact that a bartender is getting rich raises suspicion as to her true motive for being in politics. It now looks like she has been caught lying and stealing from the American people. In any other profession, the leader would be held accountable for the methods and actions or their employees. The only action Cortez has at this point is to resign.

It is now clear as to why there is so much drama from corrupt Cortez. She believes that if she can keep people’s attention on everyone else that they will not notice the illegal methods she is using to make millions of dollars in campaign money for the sole purpose of making her rich. What makes Americans sick is the fact that she is trying to stop corruption in politics. Once again a Democrat proving they say one thing and do the exact opposite.

The only way politics works well and legally is when the politicians stop seeing themselves as having a career but rather as servants of the people. When the money is taken away from the politicians they can then begin to focus on actually working together. The problem right now is that the politicians love the money more than the job, so they band together and call themselves the Democratic Party. Under this name, they can exploit the people and rip off major corporations that are willing to donate legally to campaigns around the country.


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