Warren’s Stolen Idea Gains Her The Lead

Warren’s Stolen Idea Gains Her The Lead

We’ve all had that experience where someone steals an idea and gets all the credit for it. Bernie Sanders is starting to know what it feels like as Elizabeth Warren jumps ahead of him in the polls, falling directly behind former VP Joe Biden.

One of the main reasons why Warren is gaining in popularity is because the liberal is promoting “Medicare for All.” While she has put her spin on it, providing Medicare for all Americans was not an original idea. She stole it from Sanders, who has been promoting that same idea for years.

The Fox News poll shows that Elizabeth Warren is now second behind Joe Biden. She has a significant ways to go, pulling in at 20% against Biden’s 31%. However, from a survey conducted last month, Warren has gone up eight points while Sanders has dropped five points.

Since March, Warren has actually increased a total of 16 percentage points. Sanders has been losing a significant amount of ground, mainly because voters cannot identify with him. Although he has ideas that people like, it would put him as the oldest president in the history of the United States. With more news coming out that he has three homes and is worth millions of dollars, people cannot identify with his idea of supporting the average American.

Polls are showing that more Democrats would prefer a female. Warren isn’t the only one gaining in the polls. Kamala Harris is quickly trailing Sanders in fourth place.

The Debate

The DNC debate next month already has everyone over 2% scheduled to take the stage. This means that we can expect Warren and Sanders to talk about Medicare for All at some point or another. They have yet to attack each other, which has led many political analysts to wonder if they have a special deal with each other. However, now that Warren has stolen Sanders idea and gain the lead in the polls, it begs the question of whether Sanders is going to call off the deal.

Biden, who still remains in the lead, is focusing more on improving the Affordable Care Act. Most Dems seem to prefer ACA as opposed to getting rid of private insurance and focusing on Medicare for everyone. A number of political analysts have said that getting rid of private insurance and talking about it within the debates is “political suicide.”

That doesn’t seem to stop Warren or Sanders from promoting it heavily – and each of the presidential candidates has made it the center of their campaign platform.

The Polls

The Fox News poll that shows Warren pulling ahead of Sanders also wanted to know what Democratic primary voters were looking for in a candidate. 48% of voters want a nominee who will build on the legacy of what Obama was responsible for. 47% said they would rather have a new approach. While that’s a slim margin, it still identifies why Biden is in the lead. He is the only one that would carry on the legacy of Obama since he’s been riding the coattails of the former president since throwing his hat in the ring to run.

Democrats seem to have their sights set on beating Trump, feeling as though all four of the top contenders could beat Trump in a head-to-head matchup. The flaw with this is that people who don’t get their way in the primary could easily settle for voting for Trump simply because they don’t want a liberal president who is going to get rid of private insurance. Further, those who want a liberal may not want to have Biden in office because, at least with Trump, they know exactly what they are going to get.

A number of Democrats will vote Republican depending on the circumstances. These middle of the road Democrats are the ones that the polls don’t like to talk about – and the ones that can surprise everything.

Ultimately, with Warren pulling ahead of Sanders, it shows that more people are likely to vote for a woman than a man when it comes to the primaries. However, a number of American Democrats still feel more comfortable with Biden because he is so closely linked with Obama.

It is also possible that Sanders is going to throw Warren under the bus in the next debate since she stole his idea regarding healthcare and is now touting it as her own. Now that she’s in the lead, too, it’s likely that all bets are going to be off with any deal they may have had.


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