Rashida Tlaib Passes On “Family Visit” – What’s Really Going On?

Rashida Tlaib Passes On “Family Visit” – What’s Really Going On?

Representative Rashida Tlaib is the epitome of being a media hustler and a martyr. She wants to cry about not being able to visit her grandmother in Israel, but it’s time that the true story is revealed. There are too many times that she tweets about lies, getting people to believe her crocodile tears.

The Michigan Democrat is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants. Throughout last week, she complained about the inability to visit her grandmother in the West Bank. Supposedly, her grandmother is not doing well. Israel granted her permission to visit, making it possible for her to take the trip and visit with family members.

That meant that Tlaib could prioritize family without getting into problems with leaving the country or going to Israel, despite some of the oppressive conditions that are currently in place.

Doing so, however, would mean that Tlaib would have nothing to complain about. As such, being the caped Crusader that she is, has chosen not to visit her grandmother because, according to her, doing so under the oppressive conditions would go against everything that she believes in. She believes that it is her mission to fight against injustice, oppression, and racism. Apparently, family bonds aren’t as strong as she would like to claim. She would rather have more fodder for her Twitter account.

Ever since she has chosen to pass on her family visit, she has been more active on Twitter – gaining a following while playing the innocent martyr. According to her, being silenced and being treated like a criminal is not what her grandmother would want for her. To do so would kill a piece of her, though, of course, she is also putting words into her grandmother’s mouth. It is possible that the woman simply wants to see her granddaughter – and is just as disappointed in Tlaib as most of America, including many of her fellow House Democrats.

Tlaib’s office issued a statement that caused most people to roll their eyes, identifying that Tlaib was hoping to pick figs from trees with her grandmother while discussing Israeli policies regarding Palestinians. While this sounds like a lovely conversation over a cup of tea, it is also rich inducing because she could have easily chosen to make the trip. For her to sit back and reminisce about what she could have done with her grandmother is simply a way to pull at heartstrings – and most people are able to see right through it.

The Israeli interior minister, Aryeh Deri, provides some clear insight as to what’s really going on with Tlaib. One day, Tlaib is writing a letter to ask to come to Israel so that she can visit her 90-year-old grandmother. She makes an incredible case, saying that it could be her last chance to meet her. Deri approves the request, providing a gesture of goodwill on a humanitarian basis. However, the very next day, she’s writing a letter to say that she won’t be coming. As he says, it was a “provocative request” so that she could bash the state of Israel. Her hate for Israel is greater than the love of her grandmother, as Deri tweeted on Friday.

Tlaib was the one, in the letter to the Interior Ministry, who promised she would not promote any kind of boycotts against Israel. As such, the Interior Ministry wrote back that they hoped that she would honor the commitment.

This means, at no point, did the Interior Ministry put a caveat on her visit. They did not tell her what she could and couldn’t do. She offered that up on her own. As such, why offer something if you aren’t going to follow through on it? What she really wanted was the opportunity to go into Israel and boycott, using her grandmother as a small pond. However, she didn’t expect Israel to be as welcoming as they were – blew up in her face.

Doing the only thing that she and other squad members know how to do, they took to Twitter in order to point the finger at someone else. These women may be American because of where they were born or how they were raised, but they are not American in their desire to keep the country together.

Tlaib absolutely could have visited her grandmother in Israel. However, it was more of a publicity stunt if she turned it down, ensuring that she would have more material to tweet out about so that she could have something else to get upset about because, obviously, happiness is not something on her political agenda.


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