The Russia Hoax Has Failed. What’s Next?

The Russia Hoax Has Failed. What’s Next?

The Democrats are consistently persistent, so that’s the only thing positive that can be said about them. With so many in shock and awe about Hilary Clinton not winning the 2016 election, they turned to storytelling as a way to help them understand what could have gone wrong.

As a result of trying to justify the loss, they concocted the Russia hoax. According to Dems, Trump worked closely with Russia so that they could rig the elections so that he could win the presidency. It’s ’been the biggest waste of time and taxpayer dollars over the past two years. Even after Mueller’s investigations, the Dems don’t want to let it go.

However, the Mueller report showed one thing: the Russia hoax has failed. Now, the Dems have to cook up another story in order to prevent him from getting the presidency for a second term. Their current candidates on the campaign trail aren’t getting the job done, either – so even Dems are looking at throwing their vote to the right instead of the left.

The Dems are already working on something that will help to unseat President Trump. We live in a time where the nation is severely divided. Politics cannot be discussed among friends without someone getting irate. 2020 is an important election, yet the Dems are looking to divide the nation even further with their constant lies.

As the numbers stand right now, based on the economy and immigration, more Americans would vote to reelect all Trump than one of the less than desirable Dems that are currently in the running. Trump not only has the incumbent advantage, but he also has a political landscape that proves that he will win a number of different states without even campaigning.

The Dems are working hard to make sure this doesn’t happen, so they are doing everything they can. This includes trying to paint Trump as a racist and a white supremacist, blaming the mass shootings that took place in Texas and Ohio on the president. The Democrats want to see the condemnation of assault rifles and significant changes to gun laws. However, Trump is blaming mental illness – which is a more likely solution to gun problems.

Those who are acting out and are responsible for the mass shootings are individuals. They are not part of large groups, such as any of the white supremacy groups around the nation. As such, it would point to their mental illness more than anything. However, the Dems have chosen to sick the squad on them, where their Twitter game is on fire.

The House Dems assumed that if the Russian hoax won’t work, calling the president a white supremacist will. However, there are plenty of African-Americans showing up to Trump rallies. There are plenty of Hispanics showing up to Trump rallies. In a recent rally in New Hampshire, over 11,000 people were inside of the arena and another 8000 were in the parking lot. With this many people, there is a substantial amount of diverse city – which shows that the average American doesn’t believe that Trump is a white supremacist.

The House is more divided than ever before, and this means that the Dems are finding it hard to come up with something as good as the Russian hoax. Pelosi can’t keep her freshman Dems off of their phones long enough to stop tweeting. The squad has a hissy fit about things regularly. There’s little to no respect for fellow Democrats, identifying that they can’t even come up with a story to tell the American public about how Trump is a bad man and needs to be removed from office.

All attempts at impeachment have been completely thwarted, leaving them sweating profusely at the idea that they may have to deal with a president who can actually deal with the economy and immigration for another four years.

The reality is that Clinton was viewed by too many Americans as “flawed.” She was seen as politically corrupt, snobbish, and dishonest. It’s no surprise that she didn’t win – it didn’t require a Russian interference for people to choose to vote for Trump instead of Hillary.

Democrats are hurting themselves. They want to take away private insurance in order to promote Medicare for all. They want to open borders, and they want to provide health care at no cost to illegal immigrants while charging Americans more in taxes to cover the expenses.

No Russian hoax replacement is necessary. The Dems are going to figure out the hard way that they can’t win the 2020 election.


6 thoughts on “The Russia Hoax Has Failed. What’s Next?

  1. Did you ever seen greater desperation than the left is showing in their hatred for Trump?
    They would even throw the country into financial ruin if it would get rid of Trump. Wake up
    America, the left is not your friend.

  2. What is urgently needed is a clear definition of racism. In my mind, racism is when one person or a group of persons representing one race or ethnicity doesn’t like people representing another race or ethnicity. When such a group represents a government and introduces laws against another race/ethnicity, that is a racist state. So, I pose a question is the squad of the four freshmen Congresswomen a racist group? They definitely are. All of them openly antiwhite, and all of them are deliberately trying to introduce antiwhite men policies. What does the open border mean? It means the unchecked influx of non-white people with a subsequent shift in American demography and as a consequence of such change in the demography. using democracy of the US, the definite shift to the nonwhite majority in our government. Each one of this squad is trying to implementing different elements of such populational and government shift.
    So the squad members are clearly racist and are very vocal in implementing their racist policies.

  3. I’ve never seen a gun, COCKED and LOADED, rise up and murder someone. Only mentally deranged sick individuals (Can you say Left Wing Liberals?) grab hold of that gun, rise up and murder people. That’s why gun control laws don’t work. we don’t need gun control laws, as criminals DON’T obey the law. WE need NUTCASE CONTROL laws to restrain the nutcases. That’s why lying REPROBATES like David Hogg are ineffective and people are seeing that. Hopefully it will reflect at the ballot box during the 2020 elections . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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