Disgusting Woman Figures Out How To Collect $100,000 In Welfare Benefits

Disgusting Woman Figures Out How To Collect $100,000 In Welfare Benefits

It should come as no shock that the modern welfare system is completely broken. The system was established to help people overcome the effects of the great depression. Since then, it has grown out of control – and many people are using and abusing it.

What used to be a temporary measure is now a generational problem, with many people being born into the welfare system and raising their children dependent upon it, too. The rise in costs has become a considerable taxpayer burden, too. Although many Republicans have looked to cut welfare benefits, Democrats rely on it as a way to get votes.

A Pennsylvania woman was recently arrested after stealing from the state welfare system. She has reportedly collected over $100,000 in benefits from the welfare system for children that she does not have.

Sabrina Strothers was receiving money from the Pennsylvania welfare system for herself and three children. The problem is that the three children do not exist. According to the Allegheny County Court District Attorney’s Office, she has been charged with two counts each of making false statements and of forgery as well as one count of theft by deception.

According to detectives, in 2008, Strothers became pregnant with triplets. For reasons that were not disclosed, the babies were never actually born. This means that she either had an abortion or miscarriage.

However, that didn’t stop Strothers from reporting that she had the triplets. She provided them with names and gave them the birth date of November 20, 2008. Soon after, she began receiving welfare benefits for all three of her children. She would have likely continued to receive the benefits, too, however it was her cousin that reported her to the authorities.

From 2008 until 2017, Strothers received over $89,000 in medical assistance funds, $37,000 in supplemental assistance program benefits, and another 2000 in temporary assistance for needy families grants. This totaled over $120,000 of illegal benefits that came from the Department of Human Services in Pennsylvania.

Strothers provided Social Security numbers for the triplets, and the investigation figured out how she was able to commit fraud when the cousin alerted authorities. The Social Security numbers were checked, finding out that the numbers belonged to individuals who were born as early as 1887.

Strothers had applied for benefits on six different occasions in 2012 until 2015. She lived in Maryland for 13 months, though she continued to receive benefits in Pennsylvania because of her false claim. When interviewed, she went as far as lying to Inspector General officials about the birth of her children and how they were supposedly living with her father in Atlanta.

There have been a number of fraudulent cases of welfare throughout the United States. It is entirely too easy for people to obtain welfare and to take advantage of the system. Strothers is proof that the system is broken and that more people need to be held accountable for who they are getting funds for and how the money is being spent.

The fraud committed by Strothers prevented real parents from being able to provide for their real children in times of need. She stole from taxpayers who would rather pay for countless other things than to give a woman money for kids that she does not have.

Depending on the state, welfare can provide a number of different benefits. This includes housing, education, food, childcare, and much more. In 2018, approximately $445 billion is being spent on welfare programs. This accounted for approximately 5.6% of total government spending. Local governments spend approximately $284 billion on poverty reduction programs each and every year. Since 1965, welfare program expenses have quadrupled – and much of this has to do with people taking advantage of the system.

Welfare spending in America has gotten out of control. While many Democrats fight to keep the system in place, Republicans take a look at the numbers. The federal welfare budget is spent in such categories as housing assistance, unemployment, Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, and family and child assistance. This adds up to a considerable amount of money – and many people are completely capable of working to choose not to because the government is providing them with so many different things.

Sabrina Strothers was only 23 when she figured out how to commit fraud to such an extensive level. She is not alone, which demonstrates the complete breakdown of the welfare system. Something has to be done about it, otherwise, expenses are going to quadruple again over the next several decades.


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