U.S. Troops Eligible for Medal

U.S. Troops Eligible for Medal

With the border crises going on, all the members of the United States Military which was deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border are eligible for receiving the Armed Forces Service Medal.  It an award of high prestige and giving recognition to all the members of the military for “significant” activity without the use of force in dealing with foreign action.  All troops assisting the Customs and Border Protection since deployment on April 7, 2018, were authorized to receive the award from the Pentagon.

According to the Code of Federal Regulations on the Government Publishing Office website, the Armed Forces Service Medal is “Bronze, 11/4 inches in diameter with a demi-torch (as on the Statue of Liberty) encircled at the top by the inscription ‘ARMED FORCES SERVICE MEDAL’ on the obverse side. On the reverse side is an eagle (as on the seal of the DOD) between a wreath of laurel in the base and the inscription “IN PURSUIT OF DEMOCRACY” at the top. The ribbon is 13/8 inches wide and consists of the following stripes: 1/16 inch Goldenlight 67107; 1/8 inch Jungle Green 67191; 1/8 inch Green 67129; 1/8 inch Mosstone 67127; 1/8 inch Goldenlight; Center 1/4 inch Bluebird 67117; 1/8 inch Goldenlight; 1/8 inch Mosstone; 1/8 inch Green; 1/8 inch Jungle Green; and 1/16 inch Goldenlight.”

The medal was established on January 11, 1996, through Executive Order.  Any member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America becomes eligible for receiving the award and honor after meeting the stipulations that they “Participate, or have participated, as members of U.S. military units, in a U.S. military operation that is deemed to be a significant activity; and encounter no foreign armed opposition or imminent threat of hostile action.”

Requirements must be met to receive the award which includes, “the AFSM service members must be bona fide members of a unit participating for one or more days in the operation within the designated area of eligibility, or meets one or more of the following criteria:  Be engaged in direct support for 30 consecutive days in the area of eligibility (or for the full period when an operation is of less than 30 days duration) or for 60 nonconsecutive days provided this support involves entering the area of eligibility.  Or they must participate as a regularly assigned crew member of an aircraft flying into, out of, within, or over the area of eligibility in support of the operation.”

All of the Armed forces who were deployed to the border have met the criteria.  They served on U.S. soil within 115 miles from the border in the following states, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California.  The Troops who served in San Antonio and those who served 24 nautical miles from the U.S. Coast can receive the reward as well.

Under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the medal was awarded for humanitarian services which took place overseas and troops which were deployed to the border during Bush’s term as president.  As long as the operation is ongoing, no date has been set to hand out the awards.  President Trump has deployed thousands of troops to protect the border.  2,100 troops were approved by the Pentagon, and they joined the 4,500 other troops which were already stationed.

Some of the tasks which the troops handled were supporting logistics and aerial surveillance at all of the ports of entry.  They have also provided the assistance needed with the Customs and Border Protection staff who were in charge of the temporary migrant holding facilities.

As always, Democrats are not happy about the awards being handed out after the operation ends, which won’t be for some time.  They have been criticizing how the migrants have been treated and the living conditions they are set to live in.  Complaints are still flying from a party which does nothing but start trouble and get in the way of fixing things.  Democrats are still bickering about adding the funds for having the border wall built.

Every conservative sees the problem is the Democrats who refuse to get off their stubborn pride and approve the funds.  They have been in the way every step of the way, and they only want illegal immigrants crossing the border so they can vote Democrat.  Our military are being used babysit illegal immigrants because Democrats are fighting against the wall being built.  At least our Armed Forces get recognized with an award for all of their hard work to show our appreciation.


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