Has China Become Dangerous for Foreigners?

Has China Become Dangerous for Foreigners?

China is a land full of culture, sounds, tastes, and sights. It has also been a place of great historical interest and has drawn visitors from every corner of the globe. What China has rarely been considered as, however, is dangerous. At times, although not commonly, traveling to China has come with precautions and cautionary tales. During times of war it has been, as you might expect, a “no-fly zone” so to speak but for this land of 3 billion people to be deemed dangerous?

Things are changing in China, for the worse.

In a recent interview held on Breitbart News Tonight, Warren Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and columnists for the Daily Beast, gave a stark warning about the big country in the East. Chang, also an expert on China, didn’t mince words and went on to cite ongoing situations where visitors are currently being held. This was a warning, to Americans and all those in the West as Chang plainly said, “China is not safe for foreigners… .”

When people talk about not mincing words, that is about as clear as it gets. There was no sugar-coated verbiage and Chang didn’t stop there either. Those words are daunting enough to hear, given the credibility and expertise of the speaker, they also come with a deadly serious gravity.

It is one thing when Mike the aeronautics mechanic or Kate the IT supervisor warn us about a financial crisis or windfall but if Warren Buffet speaks out? It is one thing when your neighbor or your coworker try to tell you about a new technology on the horizon but if Bill Gates speaks about technology who isn’t paying attention? This is akin to who Warren Chang is when it comes to all-matters of China, he is the expert.

That makes those words, “China… not safe…,” attention-grabbing and worth paying attention to. This leads us to the next question – what is going on in China? Are they really keeping hostages, are they actually holding people captive as we write this article? According to Chang, yes, they are.

Also, as you might expect from an expert, he didn’t merely say they were holding people prisoner but gave some rather precise details about those situations too. During the aforementioned interview, Chang told host Rebecca Mansour and guest host Rick Manning that:

“We do know that China has been holding… one former diplomat, one Candian businessman… and these two Canadians are being held for no reason other than Canada has, pursuant to a lawful extradition request from the United States, detained Meng Wanzhou, who is the chief financial officer of Huawei technologies.”

In plain talk, the United States made a lawful request that Canada detains Wanzhou and the Chinese government retaliated by holding Canadians captive. If that sounds a little questionable as a foreign affairs policy and practice, then you would be correct.

On rare occasion, we have seen war-torn and rebel countries take captives to demand the release of their own blood-thirsty renegades. Having a country of such prominence, power and proclaim take these actions is nothing short of unsettling. Taking people, detaining people and holding people prisoner is simply a barbaric act and not how countries with advanced societies and diplomatic practices act. Yet this is exactly what China is doing and this isn’t an isolated event.

Chang also added that, “…China has absolutely no compunction about taking hostages, and they’ve also taken American citizens as hostages.”

The relationship between the U.S. and China as been tense (to be mild) for some time now. We also know America’s policy on hostages and if China were deemed to be taking terrorist actions, the rest of the story doesn’t end well for anyone. Has China become dangerous for foreigners? It appears the simple answer is yes and that it may be even more dangerous for Americans. As China becomes increasingly more unstable and as talks between the U.S. and China remain tense, it may be a good idea to hold off on that trip to China, at least for now.


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