Trump Adds Manufacturing Jobs Because of Tariffs

Trump Adds Manufacturing Jobs Because of Tariffs

The devilish Democrats just cannot believe that the tariffs are helping the American economy instead of hurting it like they all want everyone to believe. The Democrats are masters at finding exceptions to the normal way of things and promoting them as fact. They find the one manufacturing plant that is not growing and blame it all on the tariffs. This is just fake news and it is not the normal way of things regarding manufacturing plants.

It is a proven fact that many jobs are leaving China and they are heading back to the United States. There are a few that have relocated elsewhere but large in part the United States-based companies are seeing their labor force returning to the homeland. This is exactly what President Trump said would happen. The devilish Democrats do not want the general public to realize this, so they are inventing a scandalous story aimed at undermining the president and his promise to return America to greatness it once had.

The devilish Democrats found one plant that is still wanting to locate its labor force overseas and use it as proof that all manufacturing plants are doing the same, but they are not. This one plant, in particular, is moving its force from China to Cambodia. This still hurts China as they will no longer benefit from the company doing business in China. This is still a major victory for President Trump as he is getting the results he wants out of the labor force in China.

The tariffs are designed to get China to the table for talking. President Trump wants them to negotiate with him a better trade deal that would benefit the United States and put China on a more level playing field. In the long run, the tariffs will put American workers first and the competition lasts. Companies like this Democratic puppet bicycle shop would do well if they moved back to the United States as that is where most of the growth and labor will soon be coming from.

Even the stats that Democrats are using to prove what Trump is saying is false is backfiring in their faces. They claim that the manufacturing sector is slowing with an average of 8,000 new jobs this past month. That is still an increase. Just last year alone in the same month 22,000 new manufacturing jobs were created. There will be ups and downs but it is all still growing. The tariff war is working in favor of the United States.

The Coalition for Prosperous America believes that the tariffs on China will result in more than 1 million jobs for Americans in the next five years. Once again this proves what the Democrats are saying is a lie. They even want people to believe that all those 1 million new jobs are going overseas again, but they cannot say that for sure. Many of those jobs have already relocated back to the United States. The gain that these companies will stand to have over the next five years amounts to 13 percent. This is a huge increase for any company when it comes to increased revenue.

Many of the major manufacturing companies have already made the move back to the country and are starting to reap the benefits. The companies that are staying put are beginning to suffer the loss of revenue. President Trump lowered taxes and put tariffs in place to encourage companies to come home. He knows that they are being taken advantage of by the Chinese people. These companies stand to lose more than just money if they stay put on foreign soil. The burden of reduced income could hurt their bottom line for years to come.

President Trump has indicated that there will be more tariffs coming in September. The tariffs that are already in place have gotten the attention of the Chinese and are pushing the back to the negotiating table. President Trump is the master when it comes to negotiations and getting the difficult parties to negotiate in good faith.


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