How Trump Owned the G7 Summit

How Trump Owned the G7 Summit

The world watched as world leaders met to talk over important issues around the world. The leaders started off talking about trade with China and the issues that the world faces at the hands of Iran. Sadly the French leader invited Iran’s foreign minister to the meeting and never told President Trump. The French leader has chosen the side of the terrorist verse the side of freedom and democracy.

The President seemed to stand alone on many of the important issues facing the world. The world seems locked together on how they should deal with countries like China and Iran and it is all not good. The majority of the countries that claim the United States as an ally has a secret hatred for the wealth and prosperity that the United States has seen. Countries like France, Iran, China, and many others would like to take advantage of their relationship with America for their gain.

The issue of the climate was a large and hot topic at the G7 conference. When the president was asked about what he thought about climate change his answer was spot on with what he believes about the issue. He is not against clean air and water. He would love to see clean air and water for every single person in the world.

But at the same time, it will not come as an expense to the American people. To force the United States to limit its economic strength means a huge loss of money not just for the country but also for the world as many markets rely heavily on a strong U.S. market.

Of course with Iran showing up at the conference at the invite of the wicked French leader threw everyone for a surprise. Iran has threatened many of the nations at the conference and the fact that the French government supported them says a lot about where France is heading.

The French would have everyone believe that the United States is bucking to replace the current leaders in Iran but that is far from the truth. President Trump just wants then to come and negotiate a better deal the is fairer for everyone. President Trump has had to clean up the mess that Obama left after 8 sad years in the White House.

China is ready to make a deal but as President Trump has mentioned before the deal must be fair. The previous deal was heavily lopsided in favor of the Chinese. President Trump had to kill the deal to get them to the table to create a better one that keeps the interests of the United States in view. Every bad deal that the president has had to kill was created by a stupid Democrat. The Democrats should be ashamed of the way they treat the American people.

The President made it clear that any deal that was not fair would never be signed.

The president also stated that he would like to see the summit for 2020 held in the United States. There are plenty of amenities and buildings that could accommodate every world leader. It would prove to be a gesture of goodwill for the president to host the other nations of the world at his property. Something that not just any president would do. Trump has the character of a businessman but also that of a solid leader.

President Trump also hinted that he would like to see Russia brought back to the summit next year. For some time now President Trump has tried to mend relations with Russia that have long been hurt when the Democrats were in power.

The Democrats are a destructive breed of humans. They have caused a lot of harm to others at the expense of the United States people. President Trump is trying to rebuild the credibility of the nation in the eyes of the world one situation at a time. Little by little he is making ground and nations are once again learning to trust the United States, now that the country has a truthful and reliable president in office.


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