Black Reporters Get a Wealth of Information Out of Biden Including His Running Mate

The 2020 presidential candidates run the gamut of options for American voters – there are old white men, old white women, young gay men, middle-aged black women. There are plenty of options available. However, it seems that black voters are more likely to give their votes to an older white man – and more specifically, former VP Joe Biden.

Biden recognizes that he has a lot of support from the African-American community. Recently, he invited over a dozen black reporters from major media outlets in order to offer a private sit-down with the front runner. Although it was supposed to be off the record, Biden opened the discussion, letting everyone know that he can be quoted.

The discussion was held for 90 minutes, an extraordinary amount of time for a significant presidential candidate to sit down with the media in a single sitting.

Biden kept casual, not wearing a tie. He also greeted each of the reporters and took their questions – and in some instances, multiple questions.

His Running Mate

Biden was asked on several occasions about who he would choose as a running mate. He acknowledged the growing diversity and indicated that he would choose someone who is either a person of color or a woman, if not both. He said that he’s not making any kind of commitment as of yet – and he wants to make sure that he can thoroughly trust that individual.

During his interview, like any time he speaks, he references former Pres. Barack Obama. He was happy to run alongside Obama because they had a similar “political disposition” and “value set.” That’s something that he’s looking for in his running mate.


Biden talked to the reporters about his dislike for mega-debates. He prefers smaller debate stages because it’s difficult for candidates to have any kind of real debate when there are too many people crowded onto the stage. He acknowledges that he likes national stage debates but isn’t happy when the candidates pile on to him. He commented that the debate format almost encourages this kind of thing, which is why it continues to happen.

He was most likely referencing when Harris decided that she was going to take a few cheap shots at Biden in order to get herself a few points higher in the polls.

Biden makes sense, though, when he says that those kinds of things actually help Trump. When everybody on the stage is a Democrat and the people watching see the Democrats attacking each other, it allows Trump to gain a significant amount of respect – which has been happening over the past several DNC debates.

Why Black Voters Like Biden

Biden has continuously done well in polls when it comes to black voters. It seems as though more people prefer Joe Biden over Cory Booker or Kamal Harris, both of whom are African-American. When the reporters asked why they think that is, Biden said he didn’t know. He said that the only thing he can think of is that the voters already have a sense of what his character is like.

Biden has also said he doesn’t feel “uncomfortable” being in a black community.

According to many of the polls, Joe Biden commands nearly 2/3 of black voters who are 65 and older, according to a Morning Consult poll. Meanwhile, Sanders is the favorite amongst the black millennials.

As Michael Nutter, a former Philadelphia Mayor, as well as a current DNC member, explains, you go with what you know. Since many black voters know Joe Biden, they vote for him. There’s power and loyalty in going with someone they know – which is why Nutter has already endorsed Biden.

Biden also recognizes that he has to be more aware of some of his dated references. He told the room full of reporters that he talks about the 1970s and the 1980s heavily. He recognizes that some weren’t even born yet. His comment was that he’s not trying to be critical. However, many people don’t understand the references, which is frightening to him.

This has been an issue that Biden has had to continuously push through because people find it hard to relate to him when he’s referencing things that happened 30 or 40 years ago as opposed to five or 10 years ago.

While Biden was able to get a great conversation going with black reporters, he also acknowledged some of his weaknesses. He is still a front runner for the Democratic Party, though with the constant bickering happening with the candidates, as Biden acknowledged himself, still gives strength to Trump and his reelection campaign.


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