Why Walmart Really Had This Extreme Reaction to Gun Violence

Why Walmart Really Had This Extreme Reaction to Gun Violence

The battle over gun control continues to take center stage in politics all across America. The demonized Democrats think that all guns should be collected and burned. And the Republicans believe that moderation should be the norm when dealing with the issue of certain types of guns in America. So many people believe they have the answers to this issue. But what matters is the heart of the person pulling the triggers.

Many of the shooters have had something traumatic take place moments before they decided to mass murder a bunch of people. But even long before those problems and warning signs were becoming an issue and nothing was done about it. President Trump is drafting legislation to put the fear of the death penalty back into the crime of murder. People need to know that there are real consequences for actions that they take.

This past week Walmart made it clear that they will no longer sell certain guns, and they will officially stop selling handgun ammunition. The one thing that people should not do is go to the extreme of one side or the other when the issue of murder and gun control comes up. There must be reasonable ground upon which everyone can stand. Ultimately it is not the guns fault nor the ones that sell them for the crimes committed with guns. The fault lies in the hands of the one holding the gun.

Walmart has jumped to an extreme. They have caved under the pressure of liberal stiffs that hate big corporations and people with guns. This is an instance where Walmart should have stood their ground and not allowed outside pressure to dictate what they carried on their shelves for the consumer. Just because Walmart no longer sells handgun ammo does not mean that other stores will follow suit.

Walmart has even decided to stop selling handguns in Alaska which means they are no longer in the weapons market. The retail giant is even asking people to no longer carry weapons in their stores. They do not want open carry happening in the stores where it is legally permitted. Walmart wants to have nothing to do with guns or bullets or anything at all. They simply just want to disappear from the scene altogether.

Sadly two of the shootings happened at Walmart stores as a result of crazy people. It is not the store’s fault that these two people shot up and murdered a bunch of people. Walmart is a place where there are a lot of people. By not allowing people to carry guns in-store Walmart is opening themselves up to future violence. If anything Walmart should allow people to carry guns in store and it just might keep the crazy people away from the store.

But instead, the mighty Walmart caved to the pressure of the Democratic Party that overstepped their authority and pressured the retail store to stop selling that kind of merchandise. One can only wonder what the dumb Democrats will demand that stores stop selling next. The dumb Democrats took a stab at one of the stores that sell 20 percent of the ammo sold in the United States. They are hoping that it will begin a chain effect to where it will be harder to get the bullets needed to defend oneself. However, the gun owner will simply go down the street to buy what they need.

Walmart is urging Congress to get off their backsides and start doing the job that they were elected to do. President Trump and his staff have already taken the first steps and written a bill of legislation that would effectively start the process of keeping these terrible events from happening.

This is not the first time Walmart has caved to the pressures of the stupid Democrats. In 2015, they stopped selling assault-style rifles because of a shooting that happened that year. Walmart needs to tell the wacky Democrats to keep their noses in their own business. There is no reason that the Democrats should be pressuring corporations to take certain actions as a political posturing move.


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