The President Has a Light Bulb Moment Throwing Dems Into Uproar

There is a lot of debate and high emotions running regarding the environment in the political arena right now. The dastardly Democrats believe that the world is going to end in less than five years because the humans of the world are destroying it. The Democrats believe the Republicans are to blame since they support backing out of many of the climate agreements that were signed by their demigod Obama whom they worship before every meeting of Congress. Over the years there has been a push by many to develop new technology to help reduce the cost of things and increase the efficiency of the unit being used.

One new such area of development is the light bulb. The light bulb has remained unchanged for many decades until recently when legislation was developed which demanded that companies come up with a new design that would use less energy. The companies did just that and developed the led light bulb. The claim was that the light bulb would save the consumer a lot of money over the life of the bulb. The problem was that the new design cost so much for the consumer to buy so the demand remained low until the cheaper version of the bulb started disappearing from the market. This forced the consumer to pay the higher prices for a bulb that would not save them money. The savings were eaten up in the cost to buy the bulb.

For many, the led design makes sense as they are brighter and can be used in just about any light fixture. The problem is the cost. It remains high even after the demand for such products has risen over the years. But relief is on the way as President Trump has rolled back the stupid regulations placed on light bulbs. He is lifting the burden from the American people and allowing the light bulb companies to manufacture the older version once again that will save consumers hundreds of dollars per year in electrical costs.

The devilish Democrats believe this is the president’s latest effort to destroy the climate. No one in history will be said to have destroyed the climate because they used a low-efficiency light bulb. The Obama era regulations were just another way for the Democrats to rob the American people of their money. It made for higher prices which in turn meant more in taxes being collected. Money that the cheaters called Democrats would use illegally for their profit.

Obama even had set in motion regulations that would have pushed the price for light bulbs even higher starting this coming January. But President trump caught the evil man’s plan to rob the American people of their money and put a stop to it. What people have to go through to change out all the fixtures in their homes and places of businesses are not worth the cost of the bulb. It is not even worth the level of energy-efficiency savings. Many of the old bulbs would just be added to the landfill which defeats the purpose of what the Obama regulations were designed to do.

President Trump has stated that the cost of the changes would be more than 300 percent. There are no savings in that kind of increase. He believes that the American people should have the right to choose what kind of lights are correct for them. The federal government does not have the right to dictate that kind of thing to the America people. The government needs to keep their noses out of the economy and let people take care of business.

Some claim that the changes would save each household $100 per year. But that $100 in savings is eaten up the cost of changing out the bulbs and fixtures so there is no true incentive for making the change. The federal government would have to force people to make the change and as everyone knows jumps into the realm of a socialist nation. Being forced to do something that is not ethically correct is being bullied by an evil government bent on making the lives of people hard and oppressive.


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