Buttigieg’s Army Of Obama Ambassadors Give His Campaign A Push

Many Democrats are viewing Pete Buttigieg as the party’s newest JFK, only this one is gay and doesn’t have quite the same political background. The South Bend, Indiana mayor is getting a push for his campaign since he’s polling behind at least five other candidates depending on the day of the poll.

The 37-year-old mayor is doing whatever he can to prove that he can be the leader of the free world. Close to two dozen former Obama ambassadors have been lending a helping hand to his campaign. The ambassadors’ fundraising connections and stature are allowing Buttigieg to get the support that he needs within a variety of elite Democratic circles.

Various influential and undecided Democrats need to be prepared to be wooed by all of these former ambassadors. Some of these ambassadors include employees within the State Department – and they are donating more to the mayor’s campaign than to any other presidential candidate according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Buttigieg is doing his best to stand out as a presidential candidate. He is the youngest of all of the running candidates and offers a younger option for those who think that Biden and Sanders are simply too old to be in the Oval Office. Running on a campaign of generational change, he has big ideas. His youth is also highly appealing to the elite Democrats as they feel that they can mold him.

Laura Kennedy, the retired State Department veteran also sees his freshness on the national political scene as a plus. She explains that Buttigieg is the first LGBT presidential candidate and has the ability to appeal to State Department employees. He’s dedicated to upholding human rights and has become a crusader of sorts.

The endorsements from the various US ambassadors aren’t going to be game-changing in terms of helping voters pick a presidential candidate however, their policy and political experience can be extremely advantageous. With so many deep pockets and deep connections, it can give him the big-money fundraisers to ensure that he gets the FaceTime in front of more voters.

According to Representative Don Beyer (D-VA), the Obama ambassadors were heavily involved in Obama’s campaign. This means that they know all about grassroots politics and they know how to raise money. Many will be co-headlining fundraisers for the Indiana mayor, allowing him to get the finances that he needs in order to effectively compete with some of the front runners – including Biden, Warren, and Sanders.

This could be the game-changing break that Buttigieg needs, especially in light of talk that Biden may either choose to pull out of the presidential primaries entirely or that his campaign will collapse underneath him.

If Buttigieg is going to get the financial backing that he needs from the former ambassadors who proved strategic to Obama’s win, the South Bend politician needs to figure out how to strengthen his campaign platform. His plans have been thin at best, discussing various aspects of foreign-policy, mental health, and more – but the plans aren’t very detailed.

Buttigieg did serve in the military, however – and that gives him some credibility. With various ambassadors whispering in his ear, it also allows him to learn a bit more about how to shape an effective foreign-policy platform. With more people in his pocket, it’s possible that he will start to get the boost that he needs within the polls in order to show that he is a more moderate candidate than people such as Sanders and Warren.

He has a thin resume, however – and there is no hiding that. He is still a wildcard when it comes to how most Americans view him – and that is what is hurting him in the polls. He is definitely an up-and-coming candidate who should not be discounted – and the clench of getting these various ambassadors can be just what he needs in order to start rising. If anything, it is going to show Biden, Warren, and Sanders that they are not the only ones who are ready to play ball.

Buttigieg has also qualified for the September and October DNC debates. With only 10 candidates taking the stage in September, the South Bend mayor will have the opportunity to share the stage with all of the other front runners. With more knowledge in his back pocket as well as more money in his fundraising account, it will be interesting to see whether he is capable of holding an intelligent conversation and turning a few votes in his direction in order to push forward in the polls and get Biden’s campaign to crumble once and for all.


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