Trump Thinks Outside the Box – Look What Happened at the Border

Republicans and Democrats alike are acknowledging that there’s an immigration crisis. However, Dems are quick to tell Trump that he should not declare a state of emergency. If he were to do that, it would set a precedent for other presidents to be able to do that, too. It would also give him the funding that he needs to build the wall at the US-Mexico border. Since he’s a businessman, he’s willing to negotiate. In spite of the barriers that the Dems have continuously thrown up, Trump has taken action. And border arrests are down as a result.

Dems are getting upset because Trump has figured out a workaround in order to solve the problem. This all sounds like good news for Americans. With fewer border arrests, it means fewer people going into the detention centers. Why would the Dems be mad about that? It means a win for Trump. And they have continuously proven that they’d rather see Trump fail than to see America win.

Mexico is Stemming the Flow of Migrants

A few months ago, Trump put it on Mexico to slow the flow of migrants or he would raise tariffs. Mexico took it seriously. Now, instead of everyone flowing directly through Mexico to get to the US border, many are being told to apply for asylum before even being allowed into Mexico.

It’s working, too.

Border arrests are used as a way to measure the number of illegal crossings that happen at the border. The number dropped to 51,000 in August, which is down by about 60 percent compared to what they were in May. Border watchers have said that much of it is as a result of the agreement that Trump made with Mexico in June.

Although the Dems would simply like to open borders, Trump’s idea is working better. Mexican authorities have created a National Guard. They’re also focusing on the southern border of Mexico to cut down on the migrants from Guatemala and the buses coming in from Central America. Tens of thousands of asylum seekers must now wait in Mexico while their applications are reviewed.

If the border traffic continues to decline could result in a huge win for Trump – and that could help him within the 2020 reelection campaign.

Trump’s Thinking Outside of the Box

Trump isn’t your average President…and he never claimed to be. His administration has been exploring a variety of experimental measures. Much of it has to do with his non-politician roots. As a businessman, he’s a problem-solver by nature. With the measures being taken, it has the ability to reshape immigration enforcement for the considerable future.

The Trump administration is getting exactly what they wanted, and they did it by forcing Mexico’s hand. The United States should not (and cannot) deal with the entire Central American migration issue single-handedly. It’s only right that Mexico deals with it as well since they’re all flowing through Mexico before they reach the United States.

The Mexican Ambassador to the US has said that the steps taken since June have been extremely successful. Those coming into Mexico have to follow Mexican laws. Those with plans to seek asylum in the US are now learning that it’s not as easy as they thought it was going to be.

Trump has also praised Mexico for its efforts. He told the National Border Patrol Council that they’ve stepped up to get the job done.

Next week, Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence will meet with the Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary as well as other officials in Washington DC to discuss the various counter-migration measures that are in place. It is expected for Mexico to press the United States to process asylum cases faster as many migrants are filling border towns in Mexico.

While all of the numbers look good, Democrats see that the only thing that has been done is “bullying” and “threatening.” According to the director for Mexico and Migrant rights, there hasn’t been a change in the situations of the Northern Triangle.

However, those people still need to follow the rules. If they seek asylum, there’s no need to be arrested. The only ones being arrested are those trying to circumvent the system entirely and simply jump the border in order to avoid the waiting process. That goes against laws – and so it’s all about educating people on what needs to be done.

Further, at some point, the countries of Central America need to work to help themselves. The US, with a deficit of their own, cannot help everyone with every problem that they have.


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