Corrupt Democrats Think They Can Bully Their Way Into Supreme Court

It’s amazing how Democratic senators tend to forget important aspects of how the government was created. Supreme Court is not a political entity. It looks to the Constitution when deciding on cases before them, not politics. However, Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is a senator who has started to demand that the Supreme Court be attentive to politics when they make their judicial decisions.

President Obama, when in office, nominated to liberal women to the Supreme Court. The Liberals didn’t pay any kind of attention because they were getting their way since the women were Democrats. When Pres. Obama nominated a third Supreme Court Justice, Merrick Garland, liberals said nothing again because it was someone they all agreed with politically.

This is when the Democrats started to get upset when Pres. Trump and Mitch McConnell announced that Mr. Garland would not be sworn in for the Supreme Court because the second term of Obama’s administration was near.

It is the job of the president to nominate candidates for the Supreme Court. It is simply something that happens – summer Democratic and some are Republican. With Pres. Trump getting ready to nominate a third candidate for the Supreme Court, leftists are going crazy because they are not getting their way politically – even though it was okay when Obama was doing it.

Democrats consider it fun to destroy the reputations of decent Supreme Court nominees, such as Brett Kavanaugh and Robert Bork. However, if the Republicans were to do the same regarding a Democratic nominee, it’s no longer acceptable.

Democrats don’t want to play by the rules – and they are trying to bully their candidates into the Supreme Court. A Republican president dared to prevent a Democratic nominee from advancing. They have also pointed to conservatives to the bench. Rather than letting things go, knowing that there will still be a good balance between Republicans and Democrats, Democrats want to start making intimidating and threatening remarks.

There has been a game being played in Washington DC for years when it comes to nominating people to the Supreme Court justice. Republican presidents nominate individuals who will act conservatively and obey the Constitution. Democratic presidents appoint liberal individuals who make decisions based on politics and who will typically rearrange America following Marxist standards.

There is no way to guess how many court vacancies will open during the time that a president is in office. Sen. Whitehouse wants to make a big show of things because Trump would potentially get to appoint three people when Obama only got to a point too. However, it’s the luck of the draw – and clearly, Whitehouse doesn’t really know what the rules are so he’s going to bully his way through it all.

Particularly with the various things that are happening in the country now, the Democratic senator is worried that they aren’t going to get a leftist decision. Instead, they’re going to get a conservative decision that is based on the Constitution. This includes the Supreme Court deciding on a citizen’s right to possess a self-defense weapon. The senator has even gone as far as calling the Supreme Court another arm of the GOP – which is completely inaccurate considering that there are plenty of Democrats sitting within the Supreme Court as well.

The leanings of a Supreme Court justice aren’t taken into consideration. It is simply who is capable of being the best judge and upholding the Constitution. Whitehouse should know this better than anyone. There have been plenty of situations where a ruling has been decided regardless of how the justices lean. Even Ruth Ginsberg has leaned towards the right on her rulings if it is what the constitution calls for.

The Democrats don’t like to follow rules, so they bully their way through everything. For Senator Whitehouse to believe it’s okay to bully his way through the Supreme Court truly proves that he’s not capable of thinking outside of his party lines. He’s part of the swamp that wants to create a line between Republicans and Democrats. The Supreme Court is made up of judges who take the politics out of the situation. When an issue ends up in court, people don’t get to decide if their judge is Republican or Democrat. It’s the luck of the draw – and it doesn’t matter because the judge is going to decide based on law, not on political leanings.

For Whitehouse to suggest anything else is a bully move that not only negates everything that the President has worked for but also taints everything that every past President has done as well.


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