Biden Tells Epic Story of Confrontation with Gangster Named ‘Corn Pop’

A fascinating story came to light over the weekend thanks to an old 2017 video that came to light. The video, as reported by Fox News, is of former Vice President Joe Biden telling a story about an alleged confrontation with a gang leader who called himself “Corn Pop” in 1962. At the time Biden was working as a lifeguard at a pool in a predominately black neighborhood in Delaware. Biden claimed that he took the job to better understand black Americans.

In any case, a gang calling themselves the “Romans” would show up at the pool, misbehaving and carrying on, apparently as a way to distract the lifeguards so that others could sneak on to the pool. The Romans were led by a “bad dude,” named Corn Pop. Corn Pop would act out on top of the diving board, which made him a danger to himself and others since he might have fallen off and hit the concrete.

Finally, as Biden tells the story, young Biden snapped, “Hey, Esther, you! Off the board, or I’ll come up and drag you off.”

The jibe was a reference to Esther Williams, a famous competitive swimmer at the time who had parlayed her talent into several movie appearances.

Corn Pop, whether he understood the film reference or not, did not like being called a girl’s name. He informed young Biden that they would discuss the matter outside the pool. Live steel in the form of razors would be involved.

Biden got the pool mechanic to cut him a six-foot length of chain. So, when young Biden emerged into the parking lot, Corn Pop and some of his friends were waiting for him with straight razors at the ready.

At this point, according to the story, Biden was telling 55 years later, the conversation proceeded thus:

“So I walked out with the chain. And I walked up to my car. And in those days, you remember the straight razors, you had to bang ’em on the curb, gettin’ em rusty, puttin’ em in the rain barrel, gettin’ em rusty? And I looked at him, but I was smart, then. I said, ‘First of all,’ I said, ‘when I tell you to get off the board, you get off the board, and I’ll kick you out again, but I shouldn’t have called you Esther Williams, and I apologize for that. I apologize.’ But I didn’t know that apology was gonna work.”

“He said, ‘you apologize to me?'” Biden went on. “I said, ‘I apologize but not for throwing you out, but I apologize for what I said.’ He said, ‘OK,’ closed that straight razor and my heart began to beat again.”

So the white boy, having not been given a red smile to match the one he originally had, and the black gangsta became friends. The end.

According to Hot Air, the video and the story behind it was revived by a writer named Michael Harriot. Harriot and a lot of other people on social media believed that the story was a concoction of  “West Side Story” combined with every cop show from the past 50 years depicting life in the ghetto. As Allahpundit said, “–this smells like a BS cake frosted with BS and filled with a warm, oozy BS ganache.”

Biden would not be the first politician who exaggerated or even made up a story about himself. Hillary Clinton once told a whopper about her being under machinegun fire in the Balkans. However, a salient fact has emerged that lends a bit of credibility to Young Joe’s story of how he used his fast talk skills to get out of being on the receiving end of a rumble.

Corn Pop and the Romans existed. A former president of the Delaware NAACP Richard Smith has confirmed that the gang leader and the gang were not figments of an aging, ambitious politician’s imagination. Smith even remembers the incident in question, albeit without some of the lurid details, such as the chain wrapped around Biden’s arm.

The only conclusion that one can draw is that truth is stranger than fiction, even in political rhetoric. No one, however, thinks that the story will not matter to Democratic primary voters.


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