A Sick Abortionists Collection of Baby Parts Discovered

Ulrich Klopfer is a known killer of innocent babies, and he let his sexual passions control him when he sexually assaulted two 13-year-old little girls. This sick man had his license to murder babies when the two 13-year-olds were assaulted. Within the next four years, he would die and the world would cheer that this killer was now gone. But more has been found at this sick man’s home that will make the strongest of stomachs want to throw up.

Upon further investigation of this man’s home, it was discovered that there over 2,200 remains of babies that he kept. In a time when Planned Parenthood has been accused of selling baby body parts to the highest bidder is when the world discovers a supply of where they might have been kept.

The people that practice abortion and believe that it is ok to murder an innocent baby agree with Ulrich and even Planned Parenthood. Their sick philosophy of murder would lead one to think that harvesting baby body parts are ok or storing them for some sick reason is just fine. None of this makes any sense and it just shows the horrific depth that these pro-choice people are willing to go.

The exact number that was discovered was 2,246 little humans perfectly preserved in laboratory jars. Law enforcement would now have the task of removing these little human bodies from these sick human beings’ home. 2.246 funerals should have taken place. No one will ever know their names or who their parents once were because they were all aborted out of selfish hatred for human life.

This is no different from what Kermit Gosnell did when he murdered people. His sick murderous clinic was found to have hundreds of more baby body parts that were persevered. These sick people claim that they were for scientific purposes. These claims and actions are no better than the horrific experiments that the Nazis did on people during World War II. The Nazis would use their prisoners as test subjects in horrible ways.

It has been said in the case of Gosnell and one can only wonder with Ulrich is that “the implication in Gosnell’s case was that he was keeping trophies in the same manner as a serial killer.” But that is what abortionist truly are, they are serial killers. But keeping the little bodies as trophies is just sickening. Each time a baby was aborted Ulrich would wrap up the body and take it to his home and preserve it in the most unethical way.

Ulrich was thought to experiment on each little person far from his family and away from society. He did not want to get caught. The community where Ulrich lived was torn and sickened to learn that this murderous doctor kept human remains at his home. This truly shows the depth of debauchery that the human heart is willing to go.

Ulrich was a person that did not obey any laws that surrounded abortion in the first place. Some laws govern how babies are to be handled once they are murdered. He did not obey any of them. He kept them for his sick pleasure and knew that someday he would be caught, but he did not care.

One can only imagine why this horror was missed when he was investigated after the horrible treatment of two 13-year-old girls. This man had a lot of problems and really should have been put behind bars. The horrors of Ulrich’s life are just now coming to the publics’ ears. But no one is listening.

No pro-choice person ever wants to admit that they are committing murder. They do not want the burden and guilt of taking an innocent life. Instead of calling it murder they hide behind the word abortion. They can only hope that people like Ulrich never show up at their front door because even for them these actions are sickening.

But the facts do not change that over 2,200 little humans have been murdered over Ulrich’s life. 2,200 little souls have entered heaven with the chance to grow up.


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