Wrong Move: Mueller Wasn’t Enough, So Let’s Get Lewandowski

The Mueller report was supposed to be all that the Dems needed to find out if Trump was working with Russia to influence the elections. The report didn’t come back in their favor so they brought Special Counsel Mueller in for direct questioning. That, still, did not produce the results they wanted to impeach.

Rather than admitting defeat, the Dems are going to drag the process out for as long as possible. This time, they’ve brought Lewandowski to the stand. Corey Lewandowski was the former campaign manager for Trump.

Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee Chairperson, sat on his throne to convene over the hearing, explaining that this was an important step towards gathering the evidence about Trump. That being said, Republicans also took the stage at the hearing to say that it was a waste of time and that the Mueller report was now being turned into an audiobook.

Lewandowski isn’t answering questions. He hasn’t from the very beginning because he has been told that what was between him and Trump is covered under executive privilege. Nadler was practically frothing at the mouth with anger, saying that Trump is obstructing justice and that he is only aiding him in staying silent.

“You are obstructing the work” is how Nadler explained that Lewandowski is standing in the way of the Judiciary Oversight Committee. However, that’s not entirely accurate. There are limits to what the House committee can and cannot do. Everything was supposed to end with the Mueller report. There’s a difference between getting information and conducting a witch hunt. Right now, they’re in the territory of a witch hunt and harassment – which is something that the Department of Justice has warned Nadler and the rest of the Dems about, too.

White House lawyers were seated behind Lewandowski, deferring to him to restrict his testimony. Everything that was being asked was inside of the Mueller report – all 448 pages of it. Every time Lewandowski deferred a question, the Dems grew more outraged.

One representative grew so upset that he asked Nadler to hold Lewandowski in contempt of congress.

When the Republicans began to question the former Trump manager, he was a bit more open. This included defending Trump and adopting criticisms of the congressional and criminal investigations that Trump has had.

Lewandowski told the committee that it was clear that the investigation was created by Trump haters who have a very clear agenda, which is to take down the duly-appointed President of the United States.

Some Democrats were even calling this hearing with Lewandowski the first “official” impeachment hearing. What was the hearing with Mueller, then? And if this was their first hearing, it didn’t go so well considering that Lewandowski didn’t provide them with the information that they wanted.

Lewandowski continued his testimony by saying that there was no conspiracy or collusion. The only thing that there has been is harassment, and that started on Trump’s first day.

Nadler sounded more like a parent scolding a child than the chairperson of a judicial committee. His behavior was identified as “unacceptable.” And by behavior, he means that Lewandowski wouldn’t provide him with any kind of testimony that would hold up for impeachment. As for actual behavior, Lewandowski was professional at all times. The only thing that wasn’t professional were the Republicans and Democrats who got into a shouting match on the panel.

Nadler asked about a meeting that Lewandowski had with Trump, which was cited in the Mueller report. When Lewandowski asked for a copy of the report to confirm the meeting in question, Dems didn’t provide it. Instead, they shook their heads and groaned in disapproval. They don’t want to help him answer the questions. They were on a witch hunt and hoping that they could get Lewandowski to speak out of turn. They didn’t like the results, so they want to complain about Lewandowski and him being uncooperative.

If the Dems were going to depend on the Mueller report to provide them with the answers, why do they insist on interrogating everyone separately from the Mueller report? The Republicans are right when they call it the audiobook version. Dems need to focus on more important things like legislation that will take care of various issues going on across the country.

There isn’t anything impeachable about the president, yet the Dems will continue to harass people associated with Trump in an effort to show that they’re working for their constituents. However, even Democratic voters have given up the idea of impeachment. Nadler and his friends are the only ones still continuing with the charades.


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