Drug War Justice Grants? Beto Must Be High

Beto has done everything he can to light his campaign on fire in the past few weeks. His “I don’t care” attitude has a number of voters, including Democrats, wondering what’s going on. Could he be high? With his latest suggestion on creating drug war justice grants, it could be the best way to describe his ideas on what the country should do next.

What are drug war justice grants?

Beto O’Rourke can’t wait to tell everyone about his great idea that would create drug war justice grants for those who are marijuana offenders. These grants would be given to people who were previously incarcerated due to nonviolent marijuana offenses.

The grants are all part of Beto’s plan to legalize marijuana on a federal basis. By regulating it, there would be a federal tax on the industry. He’s been an early champion of legalizing pot, which is not surprising considering the fact that he’s a Democrat. He’s also been doing a lot of campaigning in California and has met with marijuana advocates.

If elected, Beto pledges to use clemency power so that those serving on sentences of marijuana possession would be released. Their records would be expunged, too. What’s funny is that Beto keeps saying “if elected” as if there’s even a possibility of that happening. When he can’t even score in the top five of the polls, it’s not the most likely of scenarios.

Laws, what laws?

The biggest problem with Beto’s plan is that he completely forgets that the people locked up in jail for possession broke the law. Just because the laws change doesn’t mean that they should be released.

Cannabis-related charges can be grounds for denying citizenship or deporting people. For Beto, this is no problem – and he’d like to remove those charges, too. This means that we can have plenty of law-breaking pot smokers running free, whether they’re legal to be in the country or not.

Marijuana isn’t the Real Problem, Beto

Beto doesn’t seem to have the firmest grasp on what’s happening in terms of the drug wars. In 2009, as a councilman in El Paso, he wanted the federal government to open up dialogue on ending the prohibition of narcotics. He feels that legalizing marijuana will prevent drug trafficking from happening at the US-Mexico border. If only it were that simple. Marijuana is the least of the problems. There’s also cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine – and they are coming across the border by the kilograms. Legalizing marijuana isn’t going to make all of those other drugs go away – and allowing those drugs to become legal, too, will pose endless problems with addiction, youth deaths, and more.

Beto thinks that there are inequalities about the people of color being locked up for drug crimes. It’s not that there’s a prejudice, however. If people of color are committing more crimes, it’s a simple fact that they’re going to be the majority of the ones behind bars. O’Rourke wants to pick fights where there aren’t fights to be had.

He wants to regulate marijuana at the same level in which alcohol is being regulated. This would limit the sales to adults and ensure that advertising deters away from children and driving under the influence. Additionally, he wants to limit the smoking of marijuana to nonpublic spaces and private residences. While this is a no-brainer and nothing new, it’s not enough. Virtually all who want to legalize marijuana are asking for regulation. However, it’s not enough to take care of the problems. It’s not enough to make decades of drug ways go away on their own.

O’Rourke hasn’t had the smoothest campaign trail. He was gathering steam in the very beginning because he had ideas that people liked. However, he’s started to go to the far left so much so that people have whiplash. It seems as though he’s jumping all over the spectrum to see where he can gather enough steam to proceed. Plenty of other politicians have made similar mistakes – and they didn’t make it into the office that they were seeking.

Beto has to be high in order to think that this new proposal is going to work. He has been the subject of plenty of memes, poking fun at his bizarre behavior as well as his radical suggestions on how to run the government. First, he wanted to let everyone know that he was coming for their guns. Now, he wants to let everyone know that it’s okay if you broke the law as long as the laws change later on.


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