Did Kaine Seriously Blame the President for the Attack in Saudi Arabia?

Did Kaine Seriously Blame the President for the Attack in Saudi Arabia?

According to one recent story, Tim Kaine said President Trump is responsible for the recent attacks on the Saudi Arabia oil fields and we think he was serious. Yes, in case you were wondering, this is the same attack on the world’s largest crude oil refinery facility that occurred in Saudi Arabia just a little more than a week ago. This is the same attack that disrupted oil and gas production while threatening to play havoc with the market.

In short, it was a big deal and the type of attack that those inside and outside of the United States have deemed, “an act of war.” There has been a great deal of finger-pointing and he-said-she-said since this attack took place with one big question, who did it? Although one group stepped up and claimed responsibility, the Houthi rebels in Yemen, not many are taking their claim very seriously. It is interesting to note, however, that it is reported that this rag-tag group of rebels supports Iran’s agenda – right?

So fingers began being pointed in the general direction of Iran. As one report covering this story asked, explaining the doubt surrounding the rebel group’s claim, “where in the world would the bedraggled Houthis get their hands on a cruise missile? And even if they did, how would they launch and control it? We’re not talking about a truckload of shoulder-fired Stinger rocket launchers here. Firing and controlling a cruise missile requires some massive supporting infrastructure.”

Do you know what country does have that capability and infrastructure? Make no mistake though, Iran has said often and loudly that they had nothing to do with the attacks on the Saudi oil fields. Let’s just pretend that we don’t see the obvious and that Iran isn’t lying through their teeth. What if there was another culprit, someone else who was really the key behind these attacks?

As our aforementioned story stated, according to Senator Tim Kaine, there is and his name is Donald Trump. As in the President of the United States, that Donald Trump. With no motive, rhyme or reason as to why the President would be involved or desire to create such an attack, we have to ask what the Senator’s logic is behind this suggestion.

In a rather extensive interview, the Senator made it very clear as to what he was thinking – and why he is pointing his finger at the President. Kaine said that the President is “provoking Iran” using the President’s recent sanctions as an example. Then the Senator went on to say that this has been a continued provocation next citing Trump’s decision to pull out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement.

Not that the Senator had any other ideas of how we should have handled an aggressive, unstable and difficult Iran or the strained relationship that has existed for years. As the report almost facetiously stated, “Sanctions are the diplomatic alternative to war. We’re putting economic pressure on them, not military pressure. That’s sort of the definition, Senator.”

If the United States doesn’t use tools likes sanctions to punish behaviors that are unruly like this bombing, then what else do we do? Send air strikes or some other sort of military action? Is that a better alternative? It even sounds like Kaine isn’t so dense that he doesn’t realize that Iran was involved, he is just somehow trying to paint a picture of them being provoked. Oh yes, and by the President, of course. Poor Iran.

That probably makes it all better then, because if they had never been pushed or provoked then they probably wouldn’t have struck out at Saudi Arabia. How crazy does that sound?

Even more curious is the question, what good does Kaine think this will do? Does he believe that people in the U.S. will actually see President Trump as the bad guy? This is Iran we are talking about, not a civil Canada or England or any of the other many civil nations on the planet. This is a war-torn country in a war-torn region who has lived and breathed the language of war for far too long.

Don’t tell Senator Tim Kaine that though, because the way he sees it, they probably wouldn’t be that way if it wasn’t for the evil of a country like the United States. Maybe that is the Senator’s motive since he failed in his bid to win the ticket for the Vice Presidency.

It does have a nice ring to it, Vice President of Iran, Tim Kaine.


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