Bent on Bringing Back “Made in the USA”

The late 1980s and to the early 1990s was probably the last few times we saw those tags and stickers “Made in the USA” on all of the products on the shelves.  Before Donald Trump became President of the United States of America, he promised he was going to bring back those words.  It is still a working progress for full completion, but he has kept his word.  His vision for America was last seen by Americans during President Ronald Raegan’s term.

Coal engines, coal mining, steel mills, farms, and farmers, along with the Detroit assembly lines rolling out new vehicles, was something that made America strong with resources.  Yes, they are great memories, but those memories have been resurrected under the Trump administration.  President Trump is not a fan of the labor unions but admires the hard-working Americans who put the muscle and sweat into their work.  Back then there was pride in products which came off the shelves that had those beautiful words, “MADE IN AMERICA!”  Everything was sold out to China and other foreign countries where products were made cheaper and sold for more profit earnings.  Nothing lasted past the warranties it seemed.

Now we are beginning to notice the words we as Conservatives so longed to hear.  “MADE IN AMERICA!”  President Trump is a “meat and potatoes kind of man.”  He is not a fan of wind power but trades up for fossil fuels.  Everything of the days of old is coming back into our lives where our pride and our money stays with us.  Instead of relying on foreign countries, oil is back on the U.S. map where Obama tried to crash the system.

Yes, the world still turns toward technology and more mainstream items, but no one can say it better than our president, “We are bringing America BACK!  We are bringing back America faster than anyone thought possible! We are bringing back our factories, we are bringing back our jobs, and we are bringing back those four beautiful words: MADE IN THE USA!”

Irving Rein has studied culture for over 50 years and is a  professor of communications at Northwestern University.  He explains what most people don’t get about Trump is the beauty of the heart and soul of America.  He said, “When Trump cheers things such as king coal, big steel, and trade protectionism with the big, beautiful tariff on China, he knows his audience, a largely older one that takes comfort in a filtered view of the past.  Popular culture is like a river; it just kind of floats by.  Some of it stays, and Trump has captured those eddies.”

Trump’s rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, however, does not go for these things.  He does not want those days back and will push for a more socialism brand where the people have to rely on the government, while Trump has pulled people off the government by the millions.  As the people are not so dependent on the government, so too is the U.S. not so reliant on the rest of the world.

As we look back on Trump’s vision from before the 2016 election, we find and can say today, this very minute, yes, he has put America back on the right track.  We are seeing more of “Made in America” tags and stickers again.  The only person who could compare to Donald Trump is Ronald Reagan, without the sharp edge.

Constantine Sedikides, a psychology professor who studies nostalgia from Britain’s University of Southampton, explained President Trump’s vision in a way people can understand.  He said, “Right-wing populists in Europe have romanticized the past to advance goals such as Britain’s exit from the European Union and the marginalization of outgroups such as Islamic migrants and refugees.  Trump is using collective nostalgia, sentimental longing about the country’s rosy past, to his political advantage.”  He stated all of the visions by now are in place either through the lifting of regulations or signed into law by President Trump’s own hand.

Some things as trivial as light bulbs Congress tried to go up against Trump when they pushed for LED lights instead of the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs.  It angers a Democratic Congress when the president succeeds, and the president even cracked a joke about it to a crowd of Republicans in a meeting room, “The savings aren’t worth it, consumers should have a choice, and under those new bulbs, I always look orange, and so do you.”


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