The Democratic Stage Will Drop In November As DNC Increases Threshold

Despite only a handful of presidential candidates raking in two-digit percentages in the polls, there’s still a surprising number of Dems who are holding onto the idea of becoming the DNC nominee for dear life. As such, the DNC is going to increase the thresholds, making it that much harder to qualify for the debate in November.

There are already a few Democratic candidates who are complaining that the thresholds are too hard to meet. They’re not going to like the new thresholds, then. Rather than complaining, they should have a meeting with reality and decide that it’s time to check out.

Candidates will now be required to clear at least three percent in four of the DNC-approved polls. There’s also an early way to qualify – at least a 5 percent vote in two approved polls conducted in states such as New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, or South Carolina.

There are also higher donation numbers. Instead of only having 130,000 unique donors, the DNC is now requiring 165,000 donations. This means that the Dems have to get serious. This shouldn’t even be difficult to achieve. The top candidates are already way ahead of this – and having large donor numbers is only going to make it easier for the candidates to hang into the race until the very end.

Impressive resumes don’t matter when they’re not showing up in the polls. Just because someone is a sitting senator or governor doesn’t mean that they’re going to get the DNC vote. The votes are going to people who are making themselves known and establishing grassroots efforts.

The DNC is forcing people to adjust their strategies.

It’s no longer about getting money and jumping on the campaign trail. Now, even high-ranking candidates are having to adjust their strategies. They have to look at what polls are DNC-approved and make sure that they’re targeting those pollsters. This way, they can make sure that they’re ranking high enough to get onto the stage.

With 165,000 donations being requested, it’s also no longer about going after smaller numbers of donors who offer larger donations. They need lots of smaller donations, which means that many are turning to Facebook. Have you heard about pizza with Pete? One of the reasons why Buttigieg continues to qualify for the presidential debates is because of sinking money into Facebook advertising where he’s offering a contest to fly a winner to Indiana to have pizza with him. To qualify, all people have to do is donate to his campaign. That gives him the numbers in donations and gives more people name recognition with Pete Buttigieg.

The senators and governors who aren’t getting social media snazzy are the ones who are suffering – and complaining the loudest. Michael Bennet and Steve Bullock are some of the loudest complainers. Bill de Blasio was complaining, too, but he decided to bow out gracefully when he realized that there was no way he would become the next president.

When are some of these candidates going to get a clue? Until they do, the DNC is going to make it harder and harder for people to qualify. Sure, they’re going to get complaints. However, there’s no way that people can realistically get ballots in order to vote for a potential of 18 or so candidates in the primaries.

There are only a few frontrunners, including Warren, Sanders, and Biden. Democratic analysts have said that it’s still anyone’s game as long as they’ve at least got some decent traction in the polls and are making it to the DNC stage consecutively. That means that there are, realistically, about 10 candidates who could potentially see themselves getting the DNC nomination. Plus, there’s always the possibility that Biden’s campaign implodes, which means that it will be a mad dash by some of the more moderate candidates to try to take the lead.

No one wants to see two nights of DNC debates like there was at the beginning. It not only interferes with regularly scheduled programming but it also makes it hard to see the real candidates head-to-head. The DNC has promised to try to keep it to one night, placing all of the candidates on the same stage. In order to make good on their promise, they have to make it harder to qualify. The thresholds are getting harder, so the Senators and Governors who want to complain about thresholds will just have to try a little harder to become a household name. Otherwise, they clearly don’t want to become president bad enough.


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