Lawmakers Are Questioning Pelosi’s Leadership Abilities

Not only is Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failing her home state of California, but now she is also failing the House of Representatives. And others are beginning to notice and question her authority and leadership abilities.

This week as tensions rise in both houses of Congress on the impending impeachment issues at hand, Pelosi has made a career deadening mistake. For the past few years, she has held steady to the claim that impeachment is a rather severe decision to be made and, as such, if either party or house were to move in that direction then they should first have all the evidence they need to be laid out.

She advocated that while some members of her party were all for impeachment right off the bat, she and the rest of the party were going to make sound, well-thought-out decisions. If they were going to pursue something as severe as the firing of a president, they would need to make sure they were correct. That it was the right decision for our nation and not just because a few members of Congress didn’t like our current leader.

It was thought of a smart decision on her part. After all, she has been at this job for a while and knows how these things typically work. She is all too versed in the art of politics, and how easily opinions can change and heated discussions and thoughts can lead to life-altering circumstances for the public.

She also knows that while her fellow Democrats might hold sway in the House, the Senate, in contrast, is led by the Republican Party and, therefore, she would have to prove her party’s case adequately if they were to win the Senate’s blessing in such a decision.

However, this week, it seems she has thrown all caution to the wind and decided to push for impeachment without so much as a grain evidence of wrongdoing on the President’s part.

And many of her fellow lawmakers are calling her leadership into question as a result.

“I listened to the speaker claim that the president violated the law, based on nothing that she has read, based upon a whistleblower that wasn’t even listening to a conversation, with an (inspector general) saying that the whistleblower has political bias.”

Pelosi’s fellow California lawmaker furthermore voiced that this decision by the speaker was a cause for concern about how the Congress will forever deal with the Oval Office.

He said, “What I’m concerned (about) now is the speaker of the House changed the course of that office for the history of this country. That a body that brings legislation, a body that represents the rule of law would change the course of what it actually means.”

And as a result, McCarthy explained that “this questions her ability to even be Speaker in my eyes.”

And he isn’t the only one to express similar concern.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise says that based on the evidence thus far, “there was no quid pro quo. @realDonaldTrump didn’t break any laws.” And he states that this entire impeachment inquiry is “based on rumor instead of waiting for the facts.”

Scalise, like many others, has concluded that the Democrat Party is only pursuing this as a way to finally “undo the 2016 election.”

They were shocked when we won, not understanding how he could have appealed to America so wholly. From the moment they found out he won, they have plotted against him, seeking to gain their power back.

In fact, according to polls taken at the time, about 65% of all Clinton backers wanted impeachment only hours after he was officially elected. And at that time, neither the Russian nor the Ukrainian hoax had even been heard of by the majority of America.

What this proves is that their attempt for impeachment is all a farce.

And lawmakers agree. Representative Peter King says, “Pursuing impeachment is defensible.”

And Senator Thom Tillis agrees and calls out Pelosi for her rash decision, tweeting she “should be embarrassed” for her “false claims against President @realDonaldTrump.”

She should be ashamed of herself and step down.


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