Pompeo Declares Productive Steps Forward with Iran

Amidst the negligence of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani from speaking to President Trump on resolving the issues in the Middle East, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had “a productive week.”  The U.S. is still open to negotiations with Iran.  The only thing holding up the assembly line to peace is the ignorance of Rouhani who refused to budge until sanctions were lifted on Iran.  At President Trump’s press conference on Wednesday, Pompeo explained all that took place during the week and the agenda for the remainder of the week.

Pompeo told the reporters in the room, “We want peace, we want a peaceful resolution with the Islamic Republic of Iran. We’re hoping we can get that way. In the end, it’ll be up to the Iranians to make that decision.  We hope we can get the opportunity to negotiate with them and get an outcome that’s good for both them, for the United States to make sure they never have a nuclear weapon and that they can’t foment their terror with ballistic missiles and in the way, they have all around the world.  And I thought we made real progress uniting the world on that here over the past few days.”

The one thing that remains the same on both sides is Iran wants the sanctions lifted; otherwise, there will be no discussions.  And the U.S. stated they refuse to lift the sanctions and will “double down with more penalties.”  Rouhani told the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday morning in his address, “On behalf of my nation and state, I would like to announce that our response to any negotiation under sanctions is negative.”

Rouhani continued, “Our region is on the edge of collapse as a single blunder can fuel a big fire. We shall not tolerate the provocative intervention of foreigners. We shall respond decisively and strongly to any sort of transgression to and violation of our security and territorial integrity.”

Iran is hurting at the moment but refuses to admit it to President Trump.  Moments later, President Trump announced he will tighten the noose some more by banning visas from Iranian officials and their families.  The president wrote in a proclamation, citing the behavior of Iran that they, “threaten peace and stability in the Middle East and beyond.”  The proclamation continues, “I have determined that it is in the interest of the United States to take action to restrict and suspend the entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of senior government officials of Iran, and their immediate family members.”  It is noted where exceptions would be “in accordance with United States Government obligations under applicable international agreements.”

President Trump told the UN General Assembly Tuesday, signaling America is ready and open to discussions after Rouhani admitted the struggle of Iran.  Trump stated, “America’s greatest friends used to be enemies. The United States has never believed in permanent enemies.”  Later on, President Trump told reporters, “They’re here. We’re here.  It certainly makes sense, but we haven’t agreed to that yet.”

The glimmer of hope is, President Trump and Pompeo have worked so closely together when it comes to Iran.  The first step is Iran admitting the sanctions working in America’s favor and our allies, and that was done this week.  Iran is growing weaker by the day and will have no choice but to come to terms of an agreement.  Pompeo has his agenda rolling right alongside the president, and it has been an excellent week for him moving forward in the right direction.

Outside the building of the UN General Assembly hall, EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini told reporters on how hard it is to work out the nuclear deal, “I will not hide that is increasingly difficult to do it, and we have discussed today that fact that we will try to continue keeping the agreement in place and overcome the difficulties that we’re facing.

She continued, “What I believe is that every step that has been taken so far by Iran, and I underline, so far, is reversible.  We have constantly called upon Iran to reverse these decisions and go back to full compliance, which has been the case till recently because this is in the interests of all.”

There is no doubt President Trump will take care of Iran once they surrender to the deal.  The question is not “if,” but “when” will Iran comply?  Their country cannot go on like this much longer.


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