Biden’s Shady Brother Uses VP Status to Boost Family Business

Joe Biden’s image is not as squeaky clean as he would lead you to believe. The longer he stays in the running for the DNC nomination for president, the more that comes out about him. The former VP’s brother, James Biden, seems to have been using Joe’s status as VP to help with some of the family business investments, too.

James Biden has been busy telling potential investors that the Biden Cancer Initiative would be able to promote their businesses.

The Biden Cancer Initiative is Joe Biden’s organization that focuses on cancer research and development. James Biden promised executives at the Integrate Oral Care that the organization would happily promote their oral care organization, based in Florida.

Michael Frey, the CEO of Diverse Medical Management, a health care firm who has been in communication with James Biden says that Biden makes the pledge on the phone. Frey’s company is currently in the process of suing James Biden over all of this.

Frey said that James told him that Joe Biden would be excited about what the company had to offer. The lawsuit names James Biden as well as his partners in Tennessee. He alleges that James Biden and his partners were dishonest about investment offers to try to get the company into bankruptcy. Diverse Medical also claims that Biden and partners were hoping to steal the company’s business model.

Frey was in a business relationship with James Biden and was the one who introduced Biden to Integrate Oral Care.

David Fuscus, a spokesman for James Biden and Platinum Global Partners, says that the lawsuit is “frivolous” and was not surprised that there are such accusations emerging in the midst of the Democratic primaries.

Fuscus claims that James Biden does not and has never had conversations about business ventures with his brother, the former VP.

The Biden campaign has not responded to any request for comments at this time. Further, the Biden Cancer Initiative has chosen to suspend operations, which happened in July.

The report about James Biden using his brother to improve family business investments come at the same time that the White House is releasing a declassified transcript of Trump and his call with the Ukrainian President in order to seek information about Joe Biden. There is the desire for the Ukrainian President to investigate a prosecutor that was fired who was looking into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who had business ties in Ukraine. Trump also asked for him in investigating CrowdStrike, a private security group that the DNC hired to investigate the Russian server hacks.

Although an unredacted version of the Trump call with the Ukrainian president has been released, it doesn’t contain the information that the Democrats were hoping that it would have. They assumed that Trump threatened to hold off military aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigating Biden. However, the transcript confirms that there was no mention of military aid throughout the conversation.

With Trump simply asking the president of Ukraine for help in the investigation to find out why Hunter Biden’s prosecutor was fired, he has done nothing wrong. However, it is very possible that Joe Biden did something wrong. Current signs show that Biden, when sitting in the position of VP, held out financial aid to Ukraine until his son’s prosecutor was fired, allowing his son to avoid any legal problems that arose from him sitting on the board of a Ukrainian company – and pulling in a salary of $50,000 a month.

The media wants to take all of the information about Joe Biden and make it disappear while showing Trump to be someone who is committing treason. The problem is that more and more information is coming out about Joe Biden and his shady deals that were happening behind the scenes while he enjoyed the title of Vice President. Many saw Biden as the silent sidekick to Obama. However, it may be that he was more scrupulous than people gave him credit for – and the signs are pointing in that direction.

Michael Frey already has a lawsuit against Joe’s brother because of using the Biden name to get more investors. More and more stories are coming out like this. As the lawsuits add up, it will be harder to fight off the truth – that the Biden name has been used throughout the family in order to help them. It’s been used to get Biden’s son out of trouble in Ukraine and his brother has been using the name to get more impressive investments for his business.


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