Snowflake Protesters Arrested at Coal Mining Location

Snowflake Protesters Arrested at Coal Mining Location

Over the weekend, a group of over two hundred protesters were outside of a coal mine power plant where 67 people were arrested.  There is a right way to protest, and there is a wrong way.  These people obviously chose the wrong way in New Hampshire as they were demanding the facility to close down.  Everyone in America has the right to the First Amendment, but today’s snowflakes always seem to choose the wrong way to do things.  The Bow Police Department was called to the scene to remove the protesters from private property.

The charges were considered a misdemeanor for criminal trespassing, but on the bright side, no one was injured, and there were no damages reported to the private property.  Bow Police Chief Margaret Lougee released a statement to the local news saying, “The Town of Bow would like to thank our local, county, regional and state partners for their assistance in ensuring that safety remained the top priority for our community, and all those who gathered at the Merrimack Station.”

The protest was staged by Sam Tardiff who is in charge of the New Hampshire Youth Movement and the 350 New Hampshire Action group.  He told ABC News, “There’s a coalition of a lot of different organizations that are here today to shut down this power plant.  The time has come. It’s 2019. We shouldn’t be burning coal anymore.”

He added, “If our elected officials want to stay in power, they better align with our values and fight back against climate change because this is our future.”  Another protester also gave a statement on behalf of the protesters.  Mary Fite told reporters, “I’m concerned about climate change. I’m concerned about what scientists are saying about our future and the future for my kids.”

Granite Shore Power also released their statement on the situation, “Merrimack Station is an important part of the local economy and that the plant has drastically decreased carbon emissions, only running a fraction of the amount it used to.  We respect and support the right of any person to express his or her views. Unfortunately, today’s protest and trespassing was more about making a scene and breaking the law than about conveying an informed point of view.”

With a teen who took the spotlight at the U.N. General Assembly in New York on September 23, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg stirred the pot with this protest as she pushed the buttons for lawmakers to work on climate changes.  It is not the fact that a young person of this generation cares about the environment which angered the GOP, it is how she presented herself.  She told the world leaders, “People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.”

Thunberg is a climate activist from Sweeden who stirred the pot with many activist groups across the country to protest in such a manner where the laws are broken.  No one was hurt or killed during this protest.  Still, it could lead to the brink of bad things happening due to the amount of emotion and carelessness of snowflakes who do not know the whole story behind things.  This is how the Left works, and it spells their socialist agendas all over the protest.

President Trump has been heart set on keeping the coal miners and industry in business.  Thousands of jobs come from the coal industry in which President Trump resurrected after the Obama administration almost wiped it off the map along with all of the jobs.  Last month, President Trump was in Monaca, Pennsylvania, where he gave a speech concerning the coal industry, which is huge up in that area.

He stated, “The last administration tried to shut down Pennsylvania coal and Pennsylvania fracking. If they got in, your fracking is gone. Your coal is gone. You guys, I don’t know what the hell you’re going to do. You don’t want to make widgets, right?”

The emissions are lessened, the EPA approves, and things run more efficient today than they did back in the old days.  If we cut out everything we use off of the earth, we will go extinct.  We live off of the resources from the land.  Speeches and protest are worthy up to a certain extent.  No matter what, the laws should never be broken just to prove a point; otherwise, protesting is useless.


66 thoughts on “Snowflake Protesters Arrested at Coal Mining Location

  1. You dumb stupid young. You have no idea about coal or heating people’s home. You climate change nuts are just plain stupid. Been scam by Obama, al Gore and most of Hollywood. These people are not going to give up heating their homes, air conditioning for the several houses, yachts, private air planes. But they want you to you insane dumb down idiots. Please stop listening to a mentally ill teenager.

  2. Far be it from me to stop anyone trying to get their point of view across I just wish they would actually walk the walk and reduce their carbon footprint so walk or ride your bikes turn off your power grow your food and until you can actually evaluate the use of solar and winds actual carbon footprint because the batteries required for storage and usage all require massive amounts of energy to be produced and have a very short shelf life also wind turbines have a fatigue factor that render them ineffective so pretty much you must revert back to the early 1800s and live a really hard life to accomplish your goals although none of you have the intestinal fortitude to live that life. I just ask you to leave me alone and let me enjoy technology and know that if we let the free market do its thing we will all be better off and the world will keep going round and round and those of you that think the sky is falling well good luck with that as every deadline of extinction so far has come and gone and all we have are excuses for why it hasn’t happened yet and every new generation is fed this so called doomsday science and then they grow up and find out it was all a lie as weather is weather and it will still be weather long after we are all gone

  3. I have had family members die from black lung in West Virginia it isn’t a pretty sight. Accidents happen that trap miners and some drown and others suffocate. Taking the coal from deep within the Earth is no different than extracting the oil and gas, our energy sources are what is protecting us form the very core of our Earth and yet wind and solar is scuffed up while being provided for free with the right equipment. There should be away to provide for our miners , many haven’r finished school because of the need to bring in money to provide for the family leaving them with out any training in anything else. This has happened to many careers because of advancing technology that eliminates the need for older occupations as well as the negative results to our environment . We have but one home and that is Earth not just our houses and we need to provide solutions not welfare for careers that are being eliminated .

  4. You people need to look at the past Global Warming and look back at the coming Ice Age. Global Warming should not make you shak in your boots. Start reading, diligently, from Real Climate Science website. The world is not going to come to an end due to Global Warming. Starting in the 60s the highly degreed know-it-alls predicted that we were going to die in a new Ice Age. Check this out, if you dare.

    The environmental disaster claims started in the 1960’s. Check the Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) newspaper dated November 17, 1967. The prediction in that article on page 9 was that famine would strike by 1975. The writer, George Getze, stated it was already too late for the world. We’re not going to enter long-term famine. It never happened. Another prediction of disaster appeared in the New York Times, Sunday, August 10, 1969. Robert Reinhold wrote this one. He was reporting on what Paul R. Ehrlich claimed. Ehrlich, a population biologist, claim pollution was going to be the big disaster. He stated “… That by the time we have enough evidence to convict people, you’re dead.” Ehrlich was working out of Stanford University. He claimed that “we must realize that unless we are extremely lucky, people will disappear in the cloud of Blue steam in 20 years.” It is now 50 years later and I don’t see any blue steam.

    Fast forward to Thursday April 16, 1970. The Boston Globe ran an article claiming a “Scientist predicts a new Ice Age by 21st century.” It went on to say “Air pollution may obliterate the sun and cause a new Ice Age in the first third of the next century.” The scientist, James P Lodge Jr. also predicted that the increase in the electric power generation would demand so much cooling water that they would boil dry the entire flow of the rivers and streams of continental United States.” That would be incredibly catastrophic but it never happened.

    Forward to Tuesday, October 6, 1970. The Redlands daily Facts newspaper in Redlands, California printed an article reporting Dr. Paul Ehrlich again about pollution control. This time he predicts that the oceans will be as dead as Lake Erie in less than a decade. He also claimed that America will be subject to water rationing by 1974 and food ration adding by 1980. Scary isn’t it?

    July 9, 1971 ran an article by Victor Cohn, a Washington Post staff writer. The headline on the article read U. S. scientist sees new Ice Age coming. This article gave the world only 50 or 60 years before they would see a disastrous new Ice Age. “Dr. S. I. Rasool of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Columbia University says that:
    1. ‘In the next 50 years,’ the fine dust man continuously puts into the atmosphere by fossil fuel burning good screen out so much sunlight that the average temperature will drop by 6°.
    2. If sustained over ’several years’ – ‘5 to 10 years,’ he estimated-‘ such a temperature decrease could be sufficient to trigger an Ice Age!’”
    Well, it looks like all these geniuses have stunningly failed in their predictions.

  5. I wonder do these protesters still use electricity, drive cars, have cell phones on and on? If so, you’re just acting like fools, make a real commitment and get back to basics. Actions not just words.

  6. When Al Gore ran I almost voted for him because I was & am an environment saving person. I believe in saving ALL things, so perhaps I take it too far. I have relatives in West Virginia who live off of mining coal, as my Daddy would have if he had not walked up to Ohio so that did not have to be his job. However after all this time, Trumps feelings (I’m a Trump fan), & your saying “If we cut out everything we use off of the earth, we will go extinct.” my feelings have changed. Never did I participate in any protest, riot, or anything like that, just knew & practiced my environmental feelings when I could. Now I will live with whatever comes, but still personally try & save the environment any way I can without causing any commotion or impairing my ways on others.

  7. A bunch of idiots who drank the dim wits’ koolaid and got screwed up. Bet the coal miners and the countries who mine, sell, and burn coal love them. And then add to the fact that at least the billionaire running on the dim wit ticket for president and Soros who made money off the secondary sourcing of the coal the US bought from other countries because the morons closed the coal mines down during Bozo’s reign of fundamental destruction are ticked the gig is up under Trump. At the same time the dim wits under Bozo put the miners out of work and on welfare. My, my. And Soros and his pal made sure they were the middle men in the deal while the dim wits under Bozo shut our home sources down. And Bozo said decline in the USA was inevitable but yet he claimed during these past few years the up tick in the economy was a result of his work. NOT!

    The real fly in the ointment here is why was only the USA not suppose to mine coal? How was the USA not mining coal and having to buy it from those other countries gonna help their fake climate change? Guess we are the biggest polluters in the world, NOT!

    But oh, it was sweet for Soros, the Billionaire and their dim wit suck ups. Bozo had to get some dinero from that little setup too. What? Dim wits profiting from Climate Change? Only if they get enough morons like those at the mine in this article to shut our own resources down again like they did during Bozo’s time in charge.

    These folks are huge sheeple. I can only assume they believe and eat all the manure fed to them by fake news and the dim wit and rino leaders. Whatever happened to critical thinking and research not just the BS they are fed daily. Soon a whole new generation with morons like this leading them! And the predictions of 30-40 years ago by Gore and the climate experts? Did not happen. Florida is not underwater anywhere. Islands have not disappeared forever under the oceans. The huricanes and nature are the same as ever. The Ice Sheets everywhere are still there melting and freezing continually. And on and on and on ad nauseam.

    Sick of these wackos and sick of the violence and sick of the liars club of the Insane Asylym of today called the DNC. Can’t even wear a red MAGA hat if you are a kid without some idiot attacking you.

    And free speech unless it is the BS of fake news and dim wits is not allowed unless you are prepared to deal with assaults from the Antifa bunch. Who are Soros’ BROWN SHIRTS of today. His playbook is Hitlers and look where that got the world in that day? WWII but they lost big time. And if we tolerate all of this we are the pacifist of that older age and will sooner or later have to fight for our freedom. And let me remind everyone, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. These morons are giving it up without a fight!!!!! Patriots have to get this under control and there has to be real punishment for strikes like this not misdeamors, Antifa assaults and wearing masks is a dead give away of who they are, breaking laws like voter fraud with only misdeamors, false reporting by fake news. lying like Shifty and the rest and entering our country illegally. Felonies not misdeamors with real punishment to stop this lawlessness NOW. Enough is ENOUGH!!!

  8. If it wasn’t for The E.P.A., green peace and others fighting against nuclear power and other legitimate alternatives along time ago we probably wouldn’t need coal now. When individuals were looking into how to safely, effectively and efficiently utilize different forms of nuclear power, they were thwarted. If we stop using coal and oil now, where will our energy needs come from? Do they have an equitable sustainable solution?

  9. I was a democrat back when the democrat party was NOT totally crazy..It is really shameful that they have become so un-american. When the real loony things began I left New York AND the democrats ..I consider myself to be quite conservative and an independent (politically). I personally do not like Trump, but, the guy is rapidly keeping his word while my former “party” does nothing but whine. President Trump really was the ONLY choice in 2016. You would have to be living under a rock to not realize the damage Obama did to this Nation.All one need do is read his book to KNOW he is a communist,and Clinton intended to continue what he started putting us further down the road to oblivion. My entire family intends to vote for Trump,some for the first time..

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