Snowflake Protesters Arrested at Coal Mining Location

Over the weekend, a group of over two hundred protesters were outside of a coal mine power plant where 67 people were arrested.  There is a right way to protest, and there is a wrong way.  These people obviously chose the wrong way in New Hampshire as they were demanding the facility to close down.  Everyone in America has the right to the First Amendment, but today’s snowflakes always seem to choose the wrong way to do things.  The Bow Police Department was called to the scene to remove the protesters from private property.

The charges were considered a misdemeanor for criminal trespassing, but on the bright side, no one was injured, and there were no damages reported to the private property.  Bow Police Chief Margaret Lougee released a statement to the local news saying, “The Town of Bow would like to thank our local, county, regional and state partners for their assistance in ensuring that safety remained the top priority for our community, and all those who gathered at the Merrimack Station.”

The protest was staged by Sam Tardiff who is in charge of the New Hampshire Youth Movement and the 350 New Hampshire Action group.  He told ABC News, “There’s a coalition of a lot of different organizations that are here today to shut down this power plant.  The time has come. It’s 2019. We shouldn’t be burning coal anymore.”

He added, “If our elected officials want to stay in power, they better align with our values and fight back against climate change because this is our future.”  Another protester also gave a statement on behalf of the protesters.  Mary Fite told reporters, “I’m concerned about climate change. I’m concerned about what scientists are saying about our future and the future for my kids.”

Granite Shore Power also released their statement on the situation, “Merrimack Station is an important part of the local economy and that the plant has drastically decreased carbon emissions, only running a fraction of the amount it used to.  We respect and support the right of any person to express his or her views. Unfortunately, today’s protest and trespassing was more about making a scene and breaking the law than about conveying an informed point of view.”

With a teen who took the spotlight at the U.N. General Assembly in New York on September 23, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg stirred the pot with this protest as she pushed the buttons for lawmakers to work on climate changes.  It is not the fact that a young person of this generation cares about the environment which angered the GOP, it is how she presented herself.  She told the world leaders, “People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.”

Thunberg is a climate activist from Sweeden who stirred the pot with many activist groups across the country to protest in such a manner where the laws are broken.  No one was hurt or killed during this protest.  Still, it could lead to the brink of bad things happening due to the amount of emotion and carelessness of snowflakes who do not know the whole story behind things.  This is how the Left works, and it spells their socialist agendas all over the protest.

President Trump has been heart set on keeping the coal miners and industry in business.  Thousands of jobs come from the coal industry in which President Trump resurrected after the Obama administration almost wiped it off the map along with all of the jobs.  Last month, President Trump was in Monaca, Pennsylvania, where he gave a speech concerning the coal industry, which is huge up in that area.

He stated, “The last administration tried to shut down Pennsylvania coal and Pennsylvania fracking. If they got in, your fracking is gone. Your coal is gone. You guys, I don’t know what the hell you’re going to do. You don’t want to make widgets, right?”

The emissions are lessened, the EPA approves, and things run more efficient today than they did back in the old days.  If we cut out everything we use off of the earth, we will go extinct.  We live off of the resources from the land.  Speeches and protest are worthy up to a certain extent.  No matter what, the laws should never be broken just to prove a point; otherwise, protesting is useless.


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