A Corrupt Democratic Supporter from Venezuela Speaks Out

A Corrupt Democratic Supporter from Venezuela Speaks Out

Nicolas Maduro is the president of Venezuela has been vocal with his agreement with the Democrats to impeach President Trump. Now that the president is under false fire by the wacky Democrats more and more of their criminal allies are coming out for their support. Maduro has been under pressure by the White House to resign his presidency because of the way he has destroyed his country. And now he supports the destruction of America at the hands of the Democrats.

The Democrats want to impose a huge governmental take over which would plunge the country into destruction. Many of the liberal progressives want to impose the same type of government that Maduro has for Venezuela which is a socialist government. The Democrats want to impeach Trump, so they can implement their version of Venezuela’s failure. Maduro would like to see this as well since his country is now in ruins. In a way, he would like to see the pressure of the White House removed even if that means impeachment.

Maduro and the Democrats are strangely in agreement over what to do with President Trump. Socialists just cannot stand to see capitalism growing at an astounding rate. President Trump is the most successful president the nation has seen in many decades. And this is what drives Maduro and the Democrats crazy. They just cannot accept the truth that socialism is a failure and capitalism is a success.

Free enterprise will always win out against socialism. The corrupt Maduro and the defeated and crazy Democrats will never admit that it is a failure. Maduro’s own country is proof of all the failures that come with socialism. This kind of stupid system only works for the corrupt as they benefit and get wealthy at the expense of millions. Corruption is something that President Trump has been fighting since 2016 and there seems to be no end to what he is seeing within the ranks of the Democrats.

The latest involves Joe Biden who has been linked with a corrupt dictator from Ukraine. Biden would love to the next president, so he can continue his corrupt practices and get away with them all. Maduro hates the west as he has been accused of rigging an election by many other nations. He is not the rightful leader of Venezuela, and he knows it. But he and the Democrats love corruption and will do anything to stay in power.

Maduro is just mad because he no longer receives free money from the United States. President Trump has withheld aid to countries with an evil and corrupt government. Maduro is a mad maniac that needs President Trump out-of-the-way so he can continue his evil and corrupt reign. President Trump has become a symbol of hope and encouragement to people all around the world. He challenges the wicked and seeks to see them removed from office.

Maduro believes he is the leader of an empire. But in all reality, he is a leader within a broken nation where the people are fleeing by the thousands every day. Pretty soon he will be the evil dictator of a people less nation. There will be nothing left for him to rule over. He believes that he is building a perfect utopia based on the principles of socialism. He is living in a dream world. The Democrats also have the same problem. They want a socialist utopia and are too blind to see the truth that it is just a dumb dream that will only fail. They all see President Trump as their enemy and want him destroyed at all costs.

It should not surprise anyone that Russia and China back Maduro as the illegitimate leader of the country. Both nations are corrupt as the next. But corruption breeds like company. It is the old tale of West versus East. The cold war continues just under a different banner. President Trump will win the day and the United States will stand victorious over the nations that seek to see it destroyed.


3 thoughts on “A Corrupt Democratic Supporter from Venezuela Speaks Out

  1. The Democrats from Obama on down r so corrupt they will stop at nothing to get their power back it’s disgusting what they r doing. I’m so grateful we have a strong President to drain the swamp! Shifty shift and nasty Nancy need to go home and spend all the money they have stolen! Liars!

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